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    I love my daycare kids

    Happy Wednesday How is everyone? I know I haven’t been on here much lately but I’ve been really busy at both jobs. My new work hours have been a real adjustment for me. It has been challenging but I think I have getting the hang of it. I will say this planning my meals has really helped because it eliminates the temptation of me eating fast food and eating junk food at the day care. The Day Care is my trigger because I am surrounded by cakes, cookies, and chips. A few weeks ago I noticed me eating item more often. This is not good because I am still a t plateau. So one week I started bringing salad and Greek yogurt to the day care. So I started sharing my meals Fun Boy (my nephew). So he now loves Greek yogurt. Last week Snowmagendon hit the Mid-west again so I had left a salad at the day care since my sister 2 kids at the day care I told her go ahead and get them my salad. The kids loved the idea and they started bragging to the other day care kids about my famous salad. After taking to the parents and my sister we decided to have salad 2 days an week for snack. Each time the kids will add something new to the salad or we will buy a fruit or veggie they never had before. So far this has been a success! My only complaint is they kids a drowning their salads with ranch dressing! Will be wrong if I replace the Hidden valley ranch with a healthier version of a ranch dressing? I am just happy my day care kids are enjoying salads now even though they are going thru to bottles are ranch dressing! This is why I love them. I wonder what I can get hooked on now??? Even though I am still at a plateau I love my band! God is good Thanks for reading.
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    From the album: Untitled Album

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    From the album: My Journey

    Side by side of my highest weight at 418 to my so far weight of 219. Total loss so far of 199 pounds.
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    Before Surgery

    From the album: My Journey