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    Last night (25th) i had 1/2 a slice of very thin lunchen ham. I was in so much pain about 20 minutes after. I have been able to get down all my fluids but it hurts. I called my surgeon just now, and he said as long as i am getting down all my liquids, i SHOULD drink some diet soda to alleviate the pain some. He said if i am still in pain tomorrow afternoon he will see me first thing Saturday morning to take out a little fluid from my band for a week to let the irritation settle and then he will fill it back in the following Friday. A life time of bad choices are so hard to break but if i dont start i am doomed. But just getting the band shows i do want to change. I am counting the days till i see my psychologist again, so we can continue deep therapy on many issues but also my over eating and emotional eating. That is what caused me to have the ham last night. My sister in-law made me feel shitty as a parent because i only bought my kids 1 Christmas gift each (an ipod shuffle) and only spent $50 on each of them. I knew they were getting gifts from others and they also know Christmas is about sharing love not getting as much gifts as you can. Im mad at myself for letting her get to me but i am madder that i put myself in all this pain because of how i felt about it all. Roll with the punches, right.. well this feels like i have been punched in the chest and neck.. but i am proud that i fessed up to my surgeon and he was able to put me at ease and can help as soon as we get back into town, as we are 2 hours away staying at a Historical Gold Rush theme park for 2 days. And NEENER NEENER to my sister inlaw because my kids said coming to this place was the best Christmas gift EVER!!
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    fire water


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    December 23,2013

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    9.5 Months

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    Merry Christmas to me!!
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    Almost very good girl.

    5 Days Post-op: My pain is still there but not too bad, so i am happy to be on the generic pain meds now, and only take them when i really need relief. Last night (Christmas Eve) was my extended families Christmas dinner. I had a tonic water with lemon (as my surgeon does not limit soda in a lapband patient) and it did NOT agree with me. My tummy felt upset the whole night. I must admit it was hard seeing all my favorite Christmas foods (Calamari, Shrimp, clams, dips with crusty bread and cheeses, chicken and spinach cannelloni) and not being able to have any. But i have a very supportive family and they kept me chatting, drinking water and not offering me finger food even though there was lots of it. My mother did make me seafood soup (all blended so no chunks) which was delicious, so that helped too. But i my down fall as a small piece of the brick of rocky road fudge that a friend made us as a gift. I ate a bite and OUCH, it hurt! I had to throw it into the trash this morning because the temptation was way too high. My husband and kids were really great about it going into the trash as it was also their gift, But as they said "We are in it together". I have THE BEST SUPPORT!!! Today we went over to my mothers house for Christmas lunch and i really was not hungry, so only had a tiny bowl of chicken soup (blended no lumps). I am in love with not being hungry all the time, but i still think about food a lot though, but that is a life time of habit that with my great psychologist i am over combing too. I am going to make the lapband work because it HAS too. I do have 4mls in my 10ml band so that helps too. I notice i am much more tight in the morning, and really can feel the band (Gertie as i have named it) constricting, but by 2 pm i am fine. So i think my 1 main meal a day with 2 snacks is going to best work for me. My surgeon says as long as i am taking my multi vitamin i only need to eat one meal a day if i want. I know to some you are thinking WOW that is crazy and not enough but i trust him and his practice completely as they are the people who do almost all of the lapband studies. Check them out lapbandaustralia.com.au check out all their videos. I have been walking a fare bit around the shopping malls and tomorrow we are going to a theme park for 2 days. I am very excited also about getting home in 2 weeks to beable to get back to walking with my friend who is training me to be able to compete and complete a Couch to 5K mid next year. As she also started just walking with a friend in the evenings then added doing it in the mornings as well and just picking up her speed every time until her body was ready to run for a minute and walk for a 3 minutes and so on, and now she runs 5 kilometers every weekday morning and just walks on the weekend to give her muscle fibers time to rest. I am pumped, This new year is going to be a year for great change not just for me but for my whole family. Very Exciting!!!

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