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    Posting Reality Check

    Yes you are so right. I enjoy the stories but hate the doom and gloom. I wish people would keep their negativity to themselves.
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    No restriction after surgery?

    I take it slow for 48-hours after a fill, because I'm usually swollen, but once that goes down I can drink Water just like normal. That doesn't mean my fill didn't work-- my fills have been great (I lost all of my weight but for the last 5 lbs on 2 fills), but what they give me is a feeling of "that's enough" after a smallish meal of solid Protein and veggies. There is no physical restriction at all. My band doesn't prevent me from eating anything-- it just gets me satiated on smaller amounts of whatever I do eat.
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    Relationship trouble?

    I haven't been banded yet, but I have been through this thought before. When I lost 30 lbs, my whole attitude on life changed. I felt prettier, had more energy, volunteered more, worked out more, etc. I started losing "interest" in my husband because other men started noticing me and paid attention to me. It was the "new" feeling I got like when you start dating someone....you know, the butterflies. I almost made the worst decision of my life because of this, too. Even though all these things had changed the way I looked, felt, acted, etc...my husband didn't change. So I thought I deserved better, needed something to spruce up my life. One day it hit me. My husband was the one who supported me through my tough times, skinny and large. Stuck by me when I threw all my clothes on the floor and refused to go to a wedding because I was too fat. Encouraged me any way he could to help me lose the weight on my own. I didn't need a new guy. I had to find a way to rekindle what we had lost because of me and MY issues. I went to counseling to help get my attitude under control. To figure out why in the world I felt the need to move on when nothing was really wrong in the relationship, I just liked the new attention I was getting. Counseling really helped. That was 2 years ago. And even though I'm right back where I started (weight wise), my husband stands by me in my decision to have WLS. I could never repay him for how he's taken care of me, but I guarantee you, the grass isn't always as green as you think on the other side. Just a thought to keep in mine :-)

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