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    Freddy Henin

    Well...that wasn't so bad

    So I finally have a surgery day story that I'll share eventually on the surgery day stories in the POST-OP section Had my surgery this morning, I feel great, I was very nervous today but looking back at it it wasn't difficult...a little bit sore where the port is so I'm on liquid Percasete a bit...the resident doctor said I could probably go home with the way I'm healing and walking around already... This is what I want to say, I can START my journey now...the Pre-OP process for me was short but I couldn't wait to get the band and do this, I lost 15 pounds on the Pre-op diet and already feeling good about myself...I'm already LOOKING better....if you're having cold feet, trust me when I say that the surgery just gives you a tool...I'm looking forward to making the decisions myself of WHAT I need to eat...I have the freedom to eat whatever I want...that's not saying to eat everything...but the past week (an the next 4 weeks) I'll be learning what to eat and what my body NEEDS, not what my mind WANTS This forum is incredible, I wouldn't have been ready for this surgery if it wasn't for you guys....you got me ready mentally, physically, emotionally BEFORE the surgery...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU...
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    Breaking up with Bread

    A lot of us have spend the majority of our lives comforting ourselves with food. I can't speak for you but is it really bread that you are so upset about losing or the ability to comfort yourself with food in general? It is normal to feel some anxiety but in order to be successful you need to develop the skills that will help you cope without using food. That said, I don't think you can say for certain right now that you have to give up bread. Yes, there are a lot of people who can't eat it because their bands don't tolerate it well, but there are also many of us who can eat it if we choose to. My band tolerates anything (with the exception of dry meat) so if I want to eat a piece of bread, I can do it as long as I take small bites and chew it well. Some people can't eat plain bread but can eat it toasted. The only way you will know for sure is by waiting to see what your band can and can't tolerate. Before surgery, I was a carb addict...my favorite things were Pasta, pizza, chips, bread, etc. Then something crazy happened...during my pre-op diet, I noticed that I wasn't as ravenously hungry as I expected to be and started to wonder if the difference was due to the lack of carbs in my pre-op diet so I decided to try to maintain a low carb lifestyle after surgery. This has been a great decision for me because I am not hungry (and never really had major hunger issues after surgery) despite only having 1 fill during the 5 months since surgery and I don't feel the need to binge eat (which I did often before surgery). I thought that giving up those foods would be horrible but since I made the decision (not my nutritionist or my band) I think it made it easier for me to deal with. Just my .02
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    What is your greatest NSV?

    I guess it is a NSV and also a problem. I have barley any clothes that fit me. I've never been as small as I am now (a XL top and 16w jeans, though I may be approaching a large). I only have 3 t shirts, and 2 pairs of jeans and 2 hoodies that fit. Besides workout clothes and my scrubs for work). I started cleaning out my closet and realized this today. I hate buying new clothes because I just keep needing new ones.
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    I love love love the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor by Syntha 6. I get it at Vitamin World or order it online at Amazon. My favorite way to mix it is one scoop, one cup skim milk and 1/2 cup frozen fruit. I don't use ice.. for me the frozen fruit gives it plenty of flavor and thickens it up perfectly. I have one every morning when I'm taking my girls to school.
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    Ahem...very personal :)

    kinda funny reading through this... I was just thinking it was a liquid and you should wait at least 30 minutes after eating solids;) lol
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    Well, seeing as I've had both the lap band and now I'm sleeved I can tell you I truly love being sleeved far more. I won't get into details out in the open simply because this is a Lap Band support website and I must respect that, and I absolutely do. I just wanted to say that elfiepoo and biriniak both had excellent responses and are very spot on. I always just like to say, the lap band IS NOT reversible. It is removable... then again there have been some where that is not entirely true either. Questions: PM me. All the best in your decision... and know that it is YOUR decision.
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    Lap Band Diet Questions?

    To me, the band is a tool to help control hunger and portion control. If I were able to cut out things for a lifetime I wouldn't have had this done. I think what is healthy, is to submit to a more healthy way of eating. On occasion, having a treat but always knowing this is 'our' battle. I know that once I reach my goal weight I still can NOT go back to eating as I was or I will weigh as much as I do. This is a journey to a new you, a new eating style and a completely different life style. IMHO, a doctor who says that has no idea what a person who has to lose weight is going through. I would say portions, exercise and moderation is the key to being sucessful. But thats just me
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    Breastfeeding in public:

    I would expose the boobs to b/f if it was unpreventable and I didn't have a wrap or couldn't get away. I would do anything for my child. To be frankm I think if anyone is offended then they could go F themselves. My child is more important than some random odd ball feeling "uncomfortable". If you felt uncomfortable looking at somebody (because they're weird, creepy, or ugly) would you ask them to put a bag over their head? Probably not... because that's just plain rude!
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    LB Friendly RESTURANTS!

    Chipotle has great kids meal. You can get 1 taco or a small quesadilla, beans, & guacamole. Ask for limes & you can get lemons from the drink bar. & it comes with chips & a drink. It's $3.75! All fresh whole food, hormone free too!
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    Let's be honest....please!

    Sorry to hear that this is not working for you, but like any diet or surgery, it doesn't work for everyone, and it doesn't work the same for everyone. I am self pay as well, and am not losing as fast as many other bandsters, but I am losing better than I was without the band so I know it, rather my doctor's weight loss program, is working. I say weight loss program as opposed to the band because my surgeon, and I, recognize that the band does not work on it's own. To get optimal results, you have to change your attitude towards food and exercise as well. Before banding, I used to LOVE food...oh this was sooo good and that was sooo good. Now I don't care. I have gone from "live to eat" to "eat to live". I have my meltdowns, where some flaming hot cheetos are in my face and I can't resist, but that is where the band helps, when my will power gives out, my band takes up the slack. But you can't totally depend on the band to do that. You HAVE to have some sort of willpower or you will find a way to get around the band. And the same goes for any bariatric surgery, gastric bypass and sleeve. I know people who've had GB and are bigger now than they were before. None of it is a gaurantee for anyone. So, it's not just about getting the band, it's about your working with the band.