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OK, so what would happen?

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I'm going to see the surgeon Tuesday, I'm really unsure whether this is what I need and at the moment am leaning towards not doing it. But I think I really need to at least discuss it with the surgeon.

At present I have a BMI of 35, so I'm really only JUST squeaking in and not sure if my weight related problems would actually be considered comorbidities anyway so this may all be academic.

BUT - I dont want to have that "last supper" mentality. This process will take a while, I doubt I'd be having surgery in a week or two although our health system is WAY less complicated, our health fund will cover it or it wont, there wont be any substantiations, appeals etc. I want to make changes now, not eat myself stupid until the surgery date. What would happen if I fronted up to surgery 6kg lighter, and my BMI had slipped down to a shapely 33?

I feel personally all the issues that have led me to consider this huge step will still be there, I've gotten a hold of them temporarily any number of times in my life. If you're a candidate when you first walk into that surgeon's office is that all that matters?

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I was right there with you. I actually tried to gain wieght before the surgery because of the same fear. I gained 5 lbs the month prior. That was fun! I am beyond glad that I had the surgery. You always think you can lose it on your own, and you might-- but will you regain it and how hard will you have to work to maintain? The only reason I qualified for the surgery was by planning it right after I had my daughter and my baby wieght still- sad I know--but it worked. I probally could have gotten to 175 or so without surgery, but I would have been popping any wieght loss pills I could find. As far as the last supper, I felt the same way, but now realize that is crazy. I can still eat everything I had pre-band, just smaller portions ( which is a good thing). The only thing I can't eat is peanut butter-ouch. When you are in your upper 30's it's real hard to lose the wieght like you could in your 20's. Imagine how the 40's will be. The band is GREAT!!! Many, many people have had the band with low BMI's. I only wish I had done it earlier, talk about a bit of control that you just can't imagine preband. Love my band! Good luck on your choice.

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I had a similar issue as my BMI was 35, like yours. I am also tall so on first sight the surgeon initially said I was unlikely to be a candidate… until he weighed me and heard my saga of yo-yo dieting and weight loss/gain for the past twenty years!

A good surgeon will look at your dieting/eating/food-related history and assess these as well as the BMI. The band is the only proven method of truly permanent weight loss and although you may lose a bit over the next few weeks, what about the next few months or this time next year?<o =""></o>

I had the same dilemmas – what if I just ate better and spent the money on a personal dietician and personal trainer? But you know, now the surgery is done and things start into a ‘normal’ routine – I know that I would have slipped back into old habits.<o =""></o>

<o =""></o>There comes a point when good diet and exercise can’t do it all and can’t control those emotional eating times and ‘its-been-a-bad-day-binges’.<o =""></o>

Your clinician should be looking at the whole you but not judging you on the ‘text-book’ definition of an ideal band candidate.<o =""></o>

As for the last supper mentality, I did that in spades – eating all I could because I though I’d never eat ‘junk’ again. Bad idea in hindsight. Although it was enjoyable at the time – it does mean I have quite a few extra kilos to lose when I didn’t need to! Oh well… I guess its true that we only learn by doing!<o =""></o>

<o =""></o>Good luck with your decision. <o =""></o>


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You should ask at your consultation to make sure, but I believe that the important weight is the one at your consult. That is the weight they will use to determine your eligibility with their office and with insurance. In my case, I was required to lose 5 lbs before surgery to show that I was committed. If I had not maintained that loss they would have cancelled my surgery. I think that practice is fairly uncommon...

As far as whether or not you should have the surgery, that's a much tougher issue. It certainly isn't for everyone, and I can see where being borderline BMI would make it a harder call. In my own case, I endured two back operations before my neurosurgeon told me that if I didn't lose weight pronto I'd have to have a third, much more serious back operation. Not exactly a tough call picking this over a spinal fusion. I will say this though - everyone on this site (even the people who have had serious complications) say that this is the best thing they have ever done for themselves. Good luck with your consultation and your decision - you'll know what's right for you when the time comes.

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I too had a BMI of 35.4 and felt the same as you. Maybe if I tried harder to lose the weight maybe I would not need the surgery. Then I would think about 2 years of weight watchers to lose 25 lbs. and gained it back. In addition I tried hundreds of diet and diet pills. I was a self pay and do not regret it so far. I am glad I can eat only a small amount and feel satisfied. I too think the weight you have when you first go is the important one. Good luck with your decision.

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When I was banded, my BMI was only 31.5 - I dropped about 4-5 pounds prior to surgery. I had a starting BMI of about 33 when I started talking to my Dr. about this. I DID have a personal trainer - for 1 year working out 4-5 times per week and have done EVERY diet in the book, pretty much continuously.

I am 31 and my Dr. was very supportive of me getting the band - he really felt that my battle with yo-yoing from a low of about 125 (that lasted all of about 3 months), to a high of about 200, was not looking to improve anytime soon and was probably only due to get worse. With my family history especially.

So - please know that all Dr. s and all situations are different - there is not a cutoff per-say.

I ate like crazy before my surgery - and I was a little scared to lose to much weight on my preop diet - it didn't matter for my Dr.

Good luck! I am so happy so far with my decision - all of the things I was sooo freaked out about - I haven't had a problem with so far!

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Well without even trying I lost 1kg over the weekend and AF has arrived and I have lost 2kg since this morning, lol. I was due to see the surgeon yesterday but I rang because I also got all my bloodwork results back and am fit as a fiddle, there is absolutely nothing wrong with my cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood sugar etc. No reason to think at this point in time that my weight is affecting my health negatively.

It would be a purely cosmetic procedure and still justifiable given my dieting history but the surgeon said he wouldnt do it at this point in time.

I have decided not to go this route for now. I really want to give it one last ditch effort and am feeling really motivated to do so. I'm doing it under dietician supervision so that if I come back to this point in 12 months I can say I really did try.

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Then I would think about 2 years of weight watchers to lose 25 lbs. and gained it back. In addition I tried hundreds of diet and diet pills.

Still trying to make my decision, but that is certinaly a thought I have had a lot. Man, I wish I could get all my Weight Watcher's money back from over the years. Oh and the pills... That would be a nice down payment on this procedure. :)

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    • SabrinaGoddess

      I hate these Lovenox shots.  That is all! LOL
      Feeling like a pin cushion.
      I know they are needed and it's only 10 days worth but I really hate giving myself shots. It's one of the reasons I want to be healthy because diabetes runs in my family

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    • SabrinaGoddess

      Yas, I am HOME! Traveling back home was interesting but I made it.
      For the first time in my flying life we had NO drink service due to the turbulence! It was crazy. I had to call the steward to bring me water. You CAN NOT let yourself get behind on drinking! That would be dangerous.
      My new blog post is up! https://sabrinagoddess.com/day-3-4-post-op-doc-visit

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    • SabrinaGoddess

      I am OFFICIALLY SLEEVED! (surgery was Dec 9th, 2019)
      It was an easy procedure for me and I am not having complications. If you want to see part one of my journey go here: https://sabrinagoddess.com/life-on-the-other-side-post-op-wls
      I will be making new posts during this whole process!

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      2. Billy Bob

        Glad you survived . lol

      3. SabrinaGoddess

        @billybob I am thriving and breathing! That's a blessing!

      4. BayougirlMrsS

        yeahhhhhh we are only 3 months apart on the sleeve journey. I found it has been way easier to lose with the sleeve than it was with the band...... although i loved my band. Sleeve was the easiest SX i ever had too.....

      5. SabrinaGoddess

        @bayougirlmrss I was told this is the fastest weight loss surgery, but I am not really looking for extremely fast. I want it to be healthy. This is our new tool and we can use it wisely for sure. Are you taking your biotin and vitamins?

    • SabrinaGoddess

      TOMORROW IS MY DAY! (note this did not post properly so I am still  posting it after the fact)
      I am so very excited! My sister is here with me and my son. I am so excited. My anesthesiologist called me tonight to discuss our plans for tomorrow. I am not feeling nervous at all. Just excited for the future!
      I did buy a few bottles of CFpreop which is really suppose to help you stay hydrated. It's pricey but I feel it's worth it. I tried the Watermelon tonight. I have to stop all liquids after midnight and I go into the hospital at 5:30am for check in. My surgery is at 8am.
      SO HAPPY for this journey!
      You can get the CFpreop on Amazon if anyone is interested. It comes in Watermelon and White Grape.
      Read my night before thoughts on: www.SabrinaGoddess.com

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    • Arabesque

      Today I said I’m an XS or size 8 (Aust) at a clothing store. I never thought I’d say those words and say them with confidence. And when I commented a dress was too big on me I was told it was the smallest size. As was the belt I wanted. 
      I tried on a slim fitting singlet dress yesterday & was shocked to realise the lumpy bits on the dress were my hip bones. I have an hour glass shape so I always had hips but never ones that stuck out on the front of my body! 

      I’ve been a size 10 before - for about 5 minutes. While I am now confident about saying I’m an 8, clothes shopping is all still a bit freaky for me. It’s not that I’m focussed on the size on the label. I’m well aware the cut/line of the clothes and the designer’s style will dictate what size I need or if it will suit my body shape. The size is the starting point & it’s starting at an 8/XS/38 which is a big mind set change. It’s thinking a pair of pants will be too small & discovering they are almost too big. 

      While I’m still coming to terms with my actual new body shape and size, I’m very happy to be in this new reality. 
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      2. ms.sss

        ...ah! I see you are from Brisbane! We lived there for a year when Mr. got a work contract there.

        I have fond (and not-so-fond, lol) memories of the weather there this time of year. It it crazy hot yet?

      3. Arabesque

        Hit 42degress last weekend but this week has been in the rather pleasant low 30s (relatively of course😜). Could still wear jeans but thank goodness for air conditioning. Worse is the drought. Everything is dying or dead. Very sad & depressing.

      4. ms.sss

        I feel ya.

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