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optifast vs optislim or others

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Optislim is a lot nicer than Optifast. My doctor allowed any range from the Opti products including Soup. If you have a chemist warehouse near you it only costs $25.00 for two boxes of 24 (40g) satchets of the vanilla or chocolate. Chocolate tastes a bit better. Caramel was my favourite.

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Hi Everyone,

I am now on Day 8 of Optifast . Surgery next Wednesday. At first found the Vanilla shakes pretty awful so I decided to experiment by using only cold Water and adding fresh strawberries from daily allowance and ice cubes and placing it in blender ,resulting in a thicker shake and a definitely more palatable one. Have lost 6kg so far and so far no slip ups.:thumbup:

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I think Choice did a survery on this recently and most of the cheaper ones are complete rubbish - they are low calorie junk, full of artificial sweetener.

You only have to taste them - have you ever had a Celebrity Slim or Tony Ferguson shake? Ick, they are sooooooo sweet.

Optifast is medically designed for the type of circumstance in which it is being prescribed, fast weight loss in the short term without going short nutritionally. I think Optislim is not too bad a substitute but the rest are commercial knock offs for the more general market. You really are better to stick with it. But if one of the others is all you can bear, then that's what you'd do I guess, but I'd check with my doctor.

You seem to have a fantastic result. well done. How hard has it been for you from start to now?:o

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hi all i started my Optifast diet last week and i can tell you the first 2-3 days were the worst, i suffered from server headaches and being a diabetic my BGL's were all over the place.

i found that with the vanilla shakes i added a banana, or frozen berries (1/2 cup) and that made them better. i also used my food processor and sliced all my salad ingredients in one bowl, like tomatoes, lettuce, capsicum, celery, grated carrots, cabbage. it's like a fine coldslaw with added ingredients. it makes a lovely full salad and 1 cup does go a long way to filling you up. hope this helps someone.

oh by the way i have to be on this optifast for 3 months as i have to loose 20 kg's before i have surgery!.

all the best:redface:

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hi everyone,i used optislim and Optifast 2 weeks prior to my surgery,sept,16,anyway,i didnt mind the OF shakes, chocolate,they have to be cold or they are terrible.Also i couldnt stomach the Soups, OF or OS,i ended up making my own pumpkin Soup and thinning it out with a hand mixer,also i d make stirfry at night for dinner with cabbage,red pepper,carrot,zucchini,etc with a splash of soy.Lastly the berry optifast bars are the best,they kind of taste like a cherry ripe,I lost 7 kilos in those 2 weeks before surgery.:)

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I find the whole issue clouded by the "clout" of Nestle. This huge Swiss company has very cloudy ETHICS.

I object that most bariatric surgeons and websites put Optifast VLCD shakes up as the recommended ones. This weight of numbers pushing for Optifast masks the fact that Nestle have "bad form" across a lot of the world.

Despite the fact that Optifast's shake formula/contents is little different to the competitors' products, they are the #1 in so many recommendations. NUTRITION wise, on most critical ingredients they are pretty much IDENTICAL.

The killer is where it hits the wallet. Optifast products are 15% to 40% MORE EXPENSIVE than some mass market competitors. Nestles has a slick website but difficult questions from members go unanswered.

I am old enough to remember the food and health scandals of the 1970s and 1980s in Third World countries ... problems exacerbated by Nestle "rewarding" nurses, midwives and health professionals to have new mothers "switch off" to breastfeeding and on to baby formulas DESPITE the exorbitant costs. (Profit over commonsense by Nestle!).

I will take this up with my dietician next visit. Unless she or my surgeon can give me good reason, I plan to try the ALDI shakes or Optislim (cheaper competitors by many $$) or Isowhey (the effective value shake my son-in-law used before and after his gastric sleeve op).

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The other thing that p15535 me off about Nestle selling Optifast to obese and overweight people is the contradiction of morals/ethics.

How dare they ask $AUD79.95 for 18 sachets of weight loss shake powder when they sell the confectionery (Kit-Kats, lollies and candies) and many the high-fat pre-fabricated meals available in my supermarkets!

These evil profiteers will advertise and promote foods that lead to the problems then be on hand to sell a solution.

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