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Anyone heard of BAJANOR?

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Hi, I want to go to the Bajanor Medical center to get my lab band because money is an issue for me my dad is the one who will be paying i went to the clinic and it looks like other clinics in Mexico that i have seen. I am super scared and i am not sure i want to go along witht the surgery anymore because i saw that Dr. Carlos Alessandrini went to jail for fraud to insurence but now i am seeing that out of 3 or 4 only one person likes this place? and i am just not sure anymore!?

To Shaundra so, what you are saying is that they wanted to "fix" your band when it was not broken? and the surgery now with them cost 3950.

i have no idea what i can do i cant spend more than 4500 and i really want it which is making me want to just go for it and go with Bajanor but, i am hearing all of this negative things i have no idea!

i have the apoinment for Juliy 26 2011.! please help me or if you kno any other reliable doctors that will do the surgery for 4000 can you let me know?

I got my band in this Country. Because, who will you get to take care of you, if you need help. A lot of surgeons won't touch you if your done there, you can be told sorry ! go back to where you had it done. Now you can go to a fill center for your fills, Location might be a problem, and the make of the band also. If you need Medical Attention,,,, Where will you get it a E.R. I know I don't have that kind of money. I don't know about you..

It's easier to get on a payment plan here, or save your money, and do 1200 calories a day. That will help.

I did it for 12 months and lost over 100 Lbs.

It's your money and my 2 cents ! Do what you think is best.

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I had a procedure done at Hospital Bajanor. Bajanor is the corporate name, but it also uses pseudonyms like Renovate Medical Center, Bye Bye Baldness, etc. "Doctor" Alessandrini and the Bajanor staff was arrested in an FBI sting, and as part of the sentence isn't supposed to interact with ANY Americans. http://legacy.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/metro/20030410-9999_1m10fraud.html

He uses a variety of pseudonyms including Dr. Carlos, Dr. Perez, etc. He is a dishonest and dangerous person. If you've paid for the surgery DON'T GO! Take it as a loss. You may not come back if you go - your bank accounts may be cleared, and there is involved with local crime. Again, your life is in danger if you go.

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