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I want to address those who might be struggling with the big decision on if they should go through with bariatric surgery, let me say this;

1. I have lost 33% of my weight so far. Even like you, I struggled with it having tried every diet known to human kind - I'd lose and gain..you know the routine.

2. I have officially been taken off all my meds; pre-diabetes and hypertension meds, this alone should convince you that having the surgery is a healthy choice and will help extend your life and reduce the drag on your wallets having to purchase meds for the rest of your life with the possibility of more being added.

3. You've probably tried everything else, what do you have to lose other than your weight? Its one of the most successful safe surgeries out there.

4. You'll have so much to look forward too in your life, I'm sure you have a mental image of how you'd like to see yourself if you were healthy and thinner. Having the surgery IF recommended by your bariatric surgeon will bring about that change. Let you be the thinner person you know is in there deep..waiting for you to bring the healthier you out!

5. Lastly, you will find the welcoming, understanding and empathy on these forums to help you when and if you reach out. There are years of experience here by people who at one time have been standing in your shoes and can help you, who want to help.

I bring all this up because I know the doubts you're facing, but you'll never know the great outcomes available to you, unless you take the leap of faith that this life altering surgery will give you. I had a friend who self doubted and unfortunately she is no longer with us because she listened to those doubts and "taking the easy way out" nay sayers. Please take the leap and live the life you want to live before its to late.

- End preach 🤗

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    • Teriesa

      Hi everyone, I wrote back in May about having no strength. I still get totally exhausted just walking from room to room, it’s so bad I’m using a walker with wheels of all things. I had the gastric sleeve Jan. 24th. I’m doing exactly what the programs says, except protein shakes. I have different meats and protein bars daily, including vitamins daily. I do drink my fluids as well.  I go in for IV hydration 4 days a week and feel ok just til evening.  So far as of Jan 1st I’ve dropped 76 lbs. I just want to enjoy the weight lose. Any suggestions or has anyone else gone thru this??  Doctor says just increase calorie intake, still the same. 
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    • Clueless_girl

      Losing my hair in clumps and still dealing with "stomach" issues from gallbladder removal surgery. On the positive side I'm doing better about meeting protein and water goals and taking my vitamins, so yay? 🤷‍♀️
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    • BeanitoDiego

      I've hit a stall 9 months out. I'm not worried, though. My fitness levels continue to improve and I have nearly accomplished my pre-surgery goal of learning to scuba dive! One dive left to complete to get my PADI card 🐠
      I was able to go for a 10K/6mile hike in the mountains two days ago just for the fun of it. In the before days, I might have attempted this, but it would have taken me 7 or 8 hours to complete and I would have been exhausted and in pain for the next two days. Taking my time with breaks for snacks and water, I was finished with my wee jaunt in only 4 hours 😎 and really got to enjoy photographing some insects, fungi, and turtles.
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      1. BabySpoons

        Amazing! Congrats!!! Watch out for the sharks. 🦈

    • Mr.Kantos

      Just signed up. Feeling optimistic.
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