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Hi everyone! I had a full RNY Gastric Bypass in July 2017. I started my weight loss journey at 360lbs. I lost down to 322 by my surgery day and after surgery managed to get down to 195 before I started maintaining. I got pregnant and now have an almost two year old. This all being said to say that I never met my original weight loss goal and since having another baby I'm having a hard time getting weight back off. I was up to 277lbs at the end of my pregnancy and have managed to get myself back down to 240 but its no where near where I want/need to be. I want to be able to be healthy and active for my boys but I don't have any time during the days to work out. Any help appreciated!

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One of the healthiest ways of eating (I don't want to call it a diet) I have come across is in a book called the Pound of Cure by Dr. Matthew Weiner. Last summer, I hit my highest weight ever. That's when I started looking into WLS. I was watching a lot of YouTube videos about it and came across an interview with Dr. Weiner, which led me to his books and videos. He also has a weekly podcast that I love with new episodes every Wednesday. I started implementing a lot of the advice in Pound of Cure (you can get the book on Amazon) and lost close to 15lbs between July and January, which on the one hand is slow, but on the other hand it felt completely natural and not like a diet at all. It's just a sustainable way of living that focuses on healthy foods and good habits that lower your body's set point. He has a lot of resources for dealing with weight regain, too.

Congratulations on still being over 100 lbs lighter than where you started! I have every confidence that you can continue to do well and meet your goals over time!

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I would imagine running around after two small tots you really don't need any more exercise. You have done remarkably well considering. You may never get to your goal weight, not everyone does.

I will say if you want to run at it then it may be slow going. The nearer you get then the harder and slower the weight loss will get. Your restriction should still be there, could you still have a chat with your team for guidance ?

I have picked up a few tips that I have stored on the back burner just in case I need them in the future. Go back to basics, Eat good clean food. Protein first, vegetables and fruit second and then add in the carbs. Track your foods on a app, everyone has their fav. Weigh your food because your luck will be out just eyeballing it now.

I am maintaining on 1500 cals and loose on anything lower than that. I walk but its cold and wintery here yet so I am not inspired to get out at the moment. If I did I could perhaps eat a little more.

Good luck

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yeah, i dont think your lack of exercise/activity is the issue, you probably get your fair share of that already caring for your kids ;)

weight loss is more about reducing food intake vs increases output (though regular exercise is wonderful for overall health and wellbeing).

also sleep. regular and restful sleep has a positive co-relation to weight loss.

now i realize time for food planning and calorie counting and getting some well deserved sleep may seem hard to come by given the aforementioned kids.

do the best that you can. it may take a little longer vs if you had more time and help, but baby steps, as they say. along with a flexible and self-forgiving attitude!

forget the chores sometimes and take a nap when the kids are napping. when u prepare the kids food, prepare urs too. preferably in large batches for freezing or storing in individual packets so u have a healthier grab and go item.

stock ur pantry with better choice snacks...for both you AND the kids. never too early to start them on a healthier eating path for life.

and finally: ask. for. help. we tend to (at least i know i do) try to do everything ourselves...we dont need to. reach out to family, friends, neighbours, community service providers, insurance services (if u have them).

good luck! ❤️

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Great advice above.

Dr Matthew Weiner is a great resource (you tube videos, books, podcast, website). He does encourage a plant based eating style but you can use it as a guide & for ideas especially around increasing vegetable consumption, ingredient alternatives, etc.

I didn’t exercise while losing & still don’t as people define exercise. I do 4 x 5 minute sessions of stretching & resistance bands through out the day. Easier to find 5 minute blocks of time throughout the day versus say an hour + at the gym. It’s called exercise snacking. Though as other have said you probably do a lot of running about with your little ones as it is.

And yes, stop using the word diet. It’s so filled with negative connotations like restriction & failure. I started saying I’m not on a diet, I just changed the way I eat from when people started noticing my weight loss. (The usual reaction: Oh, you’ve lost weight. What diet are you on?) It’s does contribute to changing your thinking about food & eating.

Go back to the basics when you were losing. Meet your Protein & fluid goals. Watch your portions. Protein first, then vegetables & then carbs if you’re able. You can start slow & incorporate one or two changes every couple of weeks. Much easier to adopt than jumping in with both feet.

Don’t be afraid to touch base with your dietician, surgeon or therapist if only for support & remind you of anything you may have forgotten or missed.

All the best.

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