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8 days post-op Gastric sleeve

No problem drinking. Not really eating/no appetite. Ok for Proteins shakes and electrolytes.

Lost 10 pounds in a week

Feeling permanently bloated/full despite not eating, and stomach is still swollen/distended.

Gas pain went away on day 3. Pain came back in left shoulder, on&off since day 6

No pain whatsoever inside the belly (the actual stomach) since surgery, except today it started. Thought I was maybe hungry so I had a bit of liquid food (as per my plan). Did not help. It's not excrutiating but very uncomfortable pain right in the middle of stomach area.

I did a lot more today (walking, errands, etc).... and i had sex yesterday

No other symptoms. No fever, no nausea, etc.

Could it be a leak?? (Also, I'm anxious naturally)

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You’ve had a pretty major abdominal surgery so it isn’t unusual to still feel bloated or swollen for a good week or so. Your shoulder pain indicates you haven’t breathed out all your surgical gas yet. Even though liquids pass through your tummy more quickly, they could be making you feel bloated especially if you’re not used to drinking large amounts of fluids. Check your shake for sugar alcohols (end in ‘itol’) as they can make you feel bloated. Lactose can also cause bloating.

As for the abdominal pain, it may be the sex you had last night. It may have been too much at the moment. Remember all the sutures & staples holding your tummy together & all the muscles & other organs that were pushed & prodded during the surgery. We usually told just to go for short gentle walks in the beginning.

I added a list of the symptoms of a leak below. If you are experiencing some of these head to your nearest medical centre. Check in with your surgeon if you are still concerned. All the best.

  • Rapid heart rate
  • Fever
  • Stomach pain
  • Drainage from a surgical wound
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pain in the left shoulder area
  • Low blood pressure
  • Decreased urine output

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I agree with Arabesque. Those all sound like pretty common things during the first couple of weeks after surgery. Leaks aren't common and are almost always found before you even leave the hospital. If you're concerned, definitely contact your clinic, but this all sounds pretty normal to me.

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Thanks for answering. Today is back to normal, ouff!!

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