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4 - 5 months stall this is more than the norm

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I am wondering if any one experienceD this
my starting weight was 139kg before surgery on the 15th of January 2023
on day of surgery it was 131kg
2 weeks post-op i was stalled for 8weeks which was not a bother to me at the time
i healed quite quickly with no complications and was moved to solids within 3 weeks by the dietitian too.
between January and April i lost some weight down to 111kg
Since april i have not lost anything. I have gained and lost 3-4 kg since April till date which is September 6th 2023
I do everything many people say on every platform which had never been a challenge namely
Monitor what i eat: I eat between 88 - 1200 calories
I have more Protein than anything eggs, lean meat, chicken, fish, shrimps
carbs are mostly bulgur wheat. which i have sparingly 2ce a month. Plantain i have daily to balance my protein intake but not as much as protein. I prob have more grams of protein a day and that includes protein Water.< br style="font-size:14px;" /> I work out 4-5 days a week for up to 1:30 - 2:00 hours each day
In April i worked out more 4 days a week 2ce a day 2day time cardio 1:30 hours night time strength training. no weights heavier than 25kg
I take 2-3 liters of water throughout the day no compared to 3 months ago. Up to 1liter during my work out and the rest throughout the day. mostly sips.
I do get hungry but try to drink water to quench or use the plantain (carb for the day) to satisfy myself

i take my Vitamins Biotin and all recommended as well as powdered collagen
Recent bloods shows everything within normal range.

I am going into my 5th month and i am still 111kg Since April.
My dietitian is numb on what is going on, the nurse recommended liquid collagen ( which makes no sense) and have said hormones.... but hormones cannot affect this 5months straight.
I did bloods to check my thyroids and it showed elevated parathyroid (no idea what that means)..... not gotten an explanation as my Vitamin levels and Calcium levels are normal
my nails are very soft and brittle and my hair falls like the weather ( only blessed to have a full head of hair but cant say it is helpful soon)

No ...... the clothes i wore in April are still the same September. measurements are the same..... the only win i am getting from this is that my knee and ankle dont hurt as much when i workout. i dont burn out as i used to and i work out more than i used to before which was walking up to 50k-70ksteps a day.

I have never been one who drank alcohol and haven't started post surgery. I have never been one who ate junk food like crisps, tacos, burgers.
I have not been diagnosed diabetic nor with PCOS

i noticed when i had no carbs in my diet i lost fast but when i introduced carbs as suggested by the dietitian everything came on hold

Cos it feels pointless having done the surgery not to be an effective tool

Anyone in a similar predicament before

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I can only imagine how frustrating this could be. What does your surgeon say?
Is your dietitian well versed in post WLS eating? I would maybe seek a second opinion. My mind went straight to hormones, but if all is well... I can't remember your post, have you had your thyroid checked?
All I know is to stick to the basics: meet your Protein and Fluid requirements, get in your veggie Fiber, and exercise. What kind of carbs did you introduce? Maybe potatoes, fruit, and/or whole grain would be best, if you're not already.

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I have crazy hormones but did not experience a stall for that long. I dont think it is just hormones. Your thyroid could be a culprit. I would look more into that. My longest stall was 2 weeks. I would talk to a different nutritionist who is also specializing in post weight loss eating. I am almost 5 months post op and only eat about 700 calories a day. I'm not a Dr so i cant give you medical advice, but i can give you support and say what i believe is true, stick with the program, get your thyroid right and im sure you will start losing again. Good luck, i know it is super frustrating but the surgery was not for nothing. Do you log what you eat? I use the Baritastic app and i love it. Are you eating a variety of veggies, fruits etc? Believe it or not but my dietician said i was not eating enough carbs. When i stalled, i cheated eating in a bad way (only for about a week) at the suggestion of someone else on this forum and I think it broke the stall! I also started taking a pre/probiotic by Celebrate brand. It is called Celebrate Balance. It is specially formulated for weight loss. I hope you can figure this out but until then keep your head up and keep fighting. You are bound to start losing weight again.

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I had my surgery January 18 this year and everything went great up until about the end of March where I just stopped losing. Like anything at all! My heaviest weight was 240 lbs before surgery, 229 lbs day of surgery. My weight at the end of March-beginning of April was 189lbs. Sounds great right?

That was 51 lbs down total, 40 since surgery! The inches that I lost were even more impressive and both my surgeon and dietitian were happy about my progress.
But here we are in September already, I’m almost 8 months post-op and guess what? My weight is 190 lbs average since then! It varies between 185-193 lbs and hasn’t shown any sign of changing.

I’ve had several ‘extra’ appointments with both surgeon and dietitian and have followed ALL recommendations given with no changes. I’m SO frustrated and not sure what else to do.

I mean…this can’t be it, can it? I didn’t have major surgery to just be where I’m at right now. My surgeon has mentioned that if my stall continues I may be a candidate for medical weight loss options like medications etc. and I’ve also had some recent testing to check things out. I’m now waiting on results from an upper GI series where at that time, the doctor doing the testing said he thinks he saw a hiatal hernia but wanted to look at everything slowed down on his other screens to be sure before doing his report. The thing that doesn’t make sense about that is my surgeon repaired a hiatal hernia I had for YEARS when he did my bypass surgery so I am really not sure what could be happening there!

Does anyone have a similar situation and any success knocking your body the heck out of a very long stall?
Please, PLEASE tell me all of your secrets!

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@NCL04321 and @LindsayT
I have scheduled an appointment with another Dietitian. Lets hear what they say.
my other dietitian said to limit my fruit intake. ( I keep having tummy ache when i take things with some degree of sugar in it. the higher the amount the more painful)
I take some veggies like spinach, kale, lettuce (okro not sure if it is a veggie) alergy to banana ( tummy hurts even before surgery) but i will be honest it is not part of my daily meal cept for peppers that is part of my daily Protein meal. and i usually have Proteins most>
for carbs i take Shirataki noodles and bulgur wheat mostly. Potatoes are once a month meal.
i will be honest i dont have a vast variety to my meals cept for the protein which are lean meat, turkey, fish, lobster, kidneys, shrimps, prawns, seafood, chicken, eggs which is the predominant variety of meal i have. then have lettuce with them
sometimes i eyeball my meals but i decided to weigh it and noticed in an entire day my meal is prob a total of 18oz spread across the day but take a lot of protein Water to help me.
I am hungry often but i cant seem to go more than that as it is mostly protein i eat and it fills me quite quickly.

my idea of indulging is having So much rice i can throw up (hahahahhah) and maybe a coconut biscuit..... which i have thought i should indulge in yesterday and today.
will look into a Prebiotic it is healthy from what i gather.

I have already gone past 2liters of liquid today and it is 14:14 here now. as i mentioned i workout often so take a lot of liquid more water than coffee or lactose free milk on the days i work out. the other 2-3 days i probably manage 1.8liters ( that is my 2 liter botte is not completely empty)

@LindsayT yea my thyroids were checked and elevated parathyroid was discovered even though Vitamin D level and Calcium levels were normal.
So i have been referred to an endocrin department

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It is vertually impossible to gain weight on less calories than needed to sustain weight, perhaps a colonic enema? Otherwise, your body is retaining large amounts of Water? It might be sleep eating, it happens. Seriously, it defies medical explanation, switch Protein Powder or premade drinks, maybe they are missed labeled. Stalls happen, the body defends itself, but gaining requires calaries, and more than your weight requires to sustain a weight. Maybe a family member doesn't want you losing and is secretly switching your food to stuff to gain weight. Think outside your body on this one, because if it isn't like gout or constpation, science says you can't gain weight. I would thing a jealous family member is screwing up your diet, sleep eating, or mislabeled food. Best of luck, I truly hope you figure this out. Maybe a new scale?

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@volfanLol @ family member

maybe my body is holding on to as much as possible for as long as possible.
don’t do Protein Shakes or powder. Just Protein Water mixed with my regular water 250ml of protein water and 250ml of Vitamin water to 2liters of water. Yes I run through that a day

I cook all my foods rarely eat out. And rarely mix and match my meals.
for instance if I am eating fish I would eat either just fish or fish and lettuce nothing added or removed. Per meal isn’t a lot maybe 4-5oz total calories I consume a day according to fitness pal is roughly 600 on a very bad day or 1000 on a day I take loads of carbs

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I just googled elevated parathyroid, and that may explain your issue. Would strongly suggest that you see a doctor/surgeon about the elevated parathyroid.

Wishing you all the best

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    • New To This23

      Finally got my surgery date Oct 27th !!!
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    • BeanitoDiego

      I weighed 199 pounds (90 kg) this morning! I felt accomplished and happy, and celebrated by going to the gym to lift some weights. Hoping everyone else out there is making progress, whether you are pre- or post-op 😊
      Today is 7 weeks and two days post-op for me. I've been through two stalls already, but I am sticking to the program. I want long-term success from all of the sacrifice and pain. You all know I mean!
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      Okay so, as of yesterday my insurance company contacted me direction to say, that I was approved and have completed all the required items on the "To Do List". so, I should be getting my appointment next week for meeting with the Anesthesiologist. I'm very excited/nervous, but extremely happy too. 
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        Congratulations!!! I see you live in Ashland, when I was in High School drama club we went to the Shakespeare Festival there. I hope to go back one day!

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    • BeanitoDiego

      Tomorrow will be 7 weeks since surgery. Yesterday i found that I was able to finally drink more than a sip at a time. I am SO grateful! I have always loved drinking water and it has been my primary beverage for most of my life; losing the ability to drink a lot of it was my first post-surgical regret. Being able to drink more than a tiny sip at a time makes me feel so much more normal.
      I'm eating around 500-700 calories a day, and have hit my second stall. I have begun to only weigh myself once a week. I've made to the gym twice since surgery, but I've been walking my pup and walking at work up to 3 miles a day on average.
      I've also been using resistance bands and stretching. I'm not quite ready for twisty yoga stuff yet. Or jogging. I did do a 10+ mile bicycle ride last weekend with a friend to a coffee shop where I had a cold decaf coffee with half and half. That was another activity that made me feel kinda normal.
      I'm still drinking one protein drink a day, trying to hit my goal of at least 60 grams a day. Today I got 72 in thanks to a cold G Zero with 10 grams.
      My abdomen is still a bit sore in general. The way I understand it, the inside is not fully healed until 3 months after surgery. That means sometime around November 1st. This is when I will go on the forever way of eating according to my provider's plan. I look forward to that day.
      Oh! And I should mention that I learned about a chain restaurant that is in about 30 or so states. It is called Clean Eatz, and they have a menu that is friendly to we bariatric patients. My support group last night talked about getting pizza and flatbreads from there. I checked it out and it looks like it's both eat-in and takeaway. This is the first place I'm going when I feel ready to eat out again
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    • BlSm12

      Does anyone know, how long it takes for Medicare to approve surgery?
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      1. aravenclawrebel

        I think it depends entirely on what guidelines you're being referred under. I had that kind of insurance through the state as a low-income person for 10 years and even though I was over 400 lb for 10 years they denied me. All based on the fact that I did not have diabetes. I switched insurances once I was offered a different kind of coverage from work and was approved within two months

      2. New To This23

        Medicare or Medicaid?

        They both have a serious of hoops to jump through before you can meet the surgeon. After you meet the requirements and as long as you do not run into any gatekeepers, the surgery will be okayed by your insurance pretty quickly after the surgeon clears you. One other consideration is when the clinic will actually schedule you for surgery THAT can take awhile depending on how backed up they are.

      3. New To This23

        *series on serious

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