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Can someone tell me if this is saying it isn’t covered by my insurance. Please help. It says generally not covered is that just like in general unless you qualify


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I cant read that but I have cigna open access plus and it was covered, minus meeting your deductible and all. It will of course depend on your specific plan (not all are the same) and I know that we have EXCEPTIONAL insurance.

With my plan, you have to have a BMI over 40 or if under 40 but over 35, at least one comorbidity. In my case, the arthritis in my back and hip was my comorbidity (BMI was 39). I dont have high BP or diabetes, or any of the common ones.

My plan did not require a period of attempted weight loss, but did require a letter from my PCP stating I had multiple attempts to lose and would not lose or lose/regain.

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check with the insurance company or your employer. It looks like they generally do not cover bariatric surgery, but there might be some exceptions. With some insurance companies, employers have the option to purchase "riders" for various services that aren't covered by the basic policy. If this is true in this situation, it could be that your company may have purchased the bariatric surgery rider, but there's no way of knowing that unless you check with them (your employer) or the insurance company. If the company doesn't offer an optional rider to the employers, then it could be that they just don't cover bariatric surgery except in specific situations. If that's the case, only the insurance company can answer that question for you.

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        Pulling for ya!

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      Six months pots-op as of yesterday. I celebrated with a HIIT class where I was challenged to do a wall-assisted handstand. I truly thought there's no way in hell that I can get up there. Well... I proved myself wrong. The instructor said, "Just try getting one foot up there." I tried and it was so easy, that the other foot went up, and the next thing that I knew, I was standing on my hands with my legs up in the air, leaning against the wall.
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        Congratulations! I bet that felt awesome to achieve! 😄

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