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Just a "small" update lol

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I have been crazy busy, but I love it here and wanted to update you guys on what's new with me. And hopefully some of you will give updates on yourselves here, too :)

So I am getting used to the work outs I've been doing (and by that I mean I don't need 2-3 days between working out now. I can do 6 days and take 1 rest day). I do cardio twice per week for an hour and a half each time, I do strength and core training twice per week for an hour and 15 minutes each time, and I do weight training twice per week for an hour each time (that's my least favorite lol) On my rest day, I literally do nothing. I work and do college from home, so I either lay in bed or on my love seat and get stuff done. I'm a complete veg head lol I made my rest day on Mondays because...well...Monday lol

I drink three 16oz bottles of propel electrolyte Water everyday (my favorite) and one 20oz bottle of gatorade zero each day. I also drink 2-4 cups of tea (sweetened with Monkfruit sweetener, or not sweetened at all, depending on the tea). Specifically, I drink green tea in the morning, black tea in the afternoon, white tea in the evening, and if I'm in the mood, I drink either oolong tea or yerba mate tea at night. Helps suppress appetite, burn fat, and the green and black teas give a little caffeine boost (not a lot, but juuuuust enough).

I usually make a Protein Shake in the morning for breakfast (never been a big breakfast eater). I have several different Protein powders to choose from, and I typically add my greens powder to it, turmeric powder, moringa powder, matcha powder, mct oil, black seed oil, collagen powder, soluble Fiber, avocado, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, gut health powder (digestive enzymes with pre and probiotics), and Vitamin C powder. If needed, I add some Monk Fruit sweetener for a little extra sweetness, and it's really yummy and filling. For lunch I typically have some kind of salad (I have a few different ones that I like) and I add a protein to it, and then dinner is always some kind of protein and veggie. On weight training days, I have a P3 protein pack for a snack, but I don't usually have a snack on other days. On cardio and strengthening days I tend to have about 1200 calories and 20 carbs. On weight training days I have around 1300 calories and 25ish carbs. On my rest day I have between 900 - 1000 calories and 15 or so carbs. I also found a new salt to use (I rarely use salt, but this is much healthier for when I do) called Kala Namak Himalayan salt (it's black). Black salt has antioxidant properties and has surprisingly low sodium levels. It also contains important minerals like Iron, Calcium, and magnesium, which are essential to healthy bodies. Black salt stimulates bile production in the liver, and helps control heartburn and bloating. Its sulfurous, salty, mineral taste works great in cooking or as a finishing salt.

I'm firmly in a size 20 clothing now, and my ring size is an 8 (but it's starting to get loose, so I'm looking at 7 1/2 now). I'm also in a stall again, but I honestly don't even care. I'm getting so healthy and strong and I can see a difference, so the scale will move when it moves, and until then, I'm just gonna focus on what I'm doing.

I'm working full time and I'm in college full time (I'm finishing up my bachelor's degree - I have 8 more classes now) so between that and my more fit lifestyle, I'm always busy with something lol I really love it, though. I finished my Associate's degree in October and decided that I was going to finish the rest of my dream and get the bachelor's degree. I already have my dream job, but it's for ME, you know? I'll be the first one in my family to have a degree, and I want that. It means a lot to me to have it, and I graduated with a 4.0 with my associate's degree, and I still have a 4.0 so far now. I'm going to do my best to keep it, too.

I'm noticing I have zero boobs to speak of now LOL I wasn't really expecting that at all, but it's fine. That's what padded bras are for until I get em done later on lol I'm more than ready for my hair to stop falling out and to start growing back. I'll be 8 months post op on the 3rd. How much longer will this go on before it finally calms down? That's really my biggest gripe right now. I'm just ready to not lose so much hair. I knew it was coming, so I never freaked out, but it's getting on my nerves now lol

That's really it. All in all, things are going pretty well. How is everyone else doing?

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3 hours ago, 321cathy said:

Nice update! You are doing great! Helpfulfor me to see how life is further along (i just got sleeve on 12/28). What kind of greens powder do you use?

I make sure to use any greens that have at least 2 of the 4 super foods and as few carbs as possible. Right now I use Ancient Nutrition. I don't like drinking my greens, so I add them to my morning Protein Shakes because the other stuff I put in it kind of covers the taste lol I'll eat healthy, but I don't necessarily want it to taste healthy, you know? lol

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25 minutes ago, catwoman7 said:

re: hair loss: I think mine lasted about three months

You're so lucky!!! I'm really over it, at this point.

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I'm really worried that you're overtraining.

While physical exercise is a good thing, it's absolutely possible to overdo it. Some possible warning signs for you to watch for:

  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Constant muscle soreness
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Mood swings and/or feeling irritable
  • Feeling stressed all the time

Why should you be concerned?

  • Due to your weight, you are at a lot higher risk of injury when exercising. Overtraining ratchets up the likelihood of injury quite a bit more. A significant injury right now could set you back months.
  • Due to reduced food intake, you are at a pretty significant disadvantage recovery-wise compared to someone that does not have to contend with a very low calorie diet. Calories from food (not just protein), is absolutely needed to help post workout recovery.
  • Overtraining can actually be counterproductive to weight loss because it significantly increases cortisol levels. I won't spend too much time talking about why cortisol matters, but even slightly elevated levels of cortisol can negatively impact weight loss. Plus, if you're impacting your sleep levels, this negative effect is exacerbated.
  • Overtraining can actually be bad for your heart. We tend to think that if some cardiovascular exercise is good, more should be better, but that's not always true. Among other things, people that overtrain can cause problems like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and AFib. While I don't think you're quite to this level yet, it's something to watch out for.
  • Overtraining can actually impact your ability to fight off infection. Getting sick could also set you back quite a bit.
  • If all of the above weren't enough, the likelihood of you stopping training altogether is significantly elevated if you overtrain.

I certainly understand you think you're doing the right thing, but hardly anyone that's overtraining realizes it until they suffer the impacts of it. I also think many formerly obese individuals may be more likely to overtrain for a few reasons:

  • We are typically starting from a poor base fitness level, so it does not take nearly as much to overtrain.
  • Most of us have tendency toward addictive behavior. (Yes, overtraining can be due to transfer addiction.)
  • We are trying to "makeup" for a previous lack of exercise.
  • We think that this will help us lose weight faster. As I mentioned, this behavior can actually slow down fat loss, rather than speed it up.

Instead, our goal should be to build a sustainable level of fitness that accomplishes a few things:

  1. To develop a good level of cardiovascular endurance that keeps our bodies and minds healthy
  2. To strengthen our muscles to make everyday living easier and more sustainable for the long-term
  3. To decrease the risk of illness and injury
  4. To burn more calories, both during exercise and at rest
  5. To look good naked (okay, for some of us, maybe that's pushing it!)

One of the best ways to do all that is to ensure your current level of exercise is sustainable. From that sustainable base, we add in something called "progressive overload" to ensure we are actually benefiting from the exercise. When we overtrain, there's no room for progress, meaning eventually you either burnout, or your body adapts and the benefit becomes lost.

Sorry for the long post here. I know to you I'm just some random person on the internet and you're not likely to pay much attention anyway. Even so, the risk is real, and I encourage you to research this to make sure I'm not just blowing smoke. More than anything, even if you don't think you're overtraining, I'd hate for others to come away from this thread thinking your exercise workload is what they should be doing too. For 99% of us it's not.

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I am happy that you are in a GREAT PLACE for yourself - physically and emotionally and educationally ! I love that you went back to school to get your BA degree. And getting 4.0 grades .... WOW !

I won't question your level of work outs. I am almost 67 years old, and I consider my day to be MY work out. I work full time as a social work supervisor; I do my own housekeeping, take care of several critters and a small flock of laying hens, do organic gardening and walk to and from my car, on knees that both need replacement.... I now am restricted to no more than lifting 25 lbs, so I do need help from time to time with the 40 pound feed bags.... but hey.

My comment for you is to be kind and gentle with yourself. It sounds like you are doing a lot, and that you are really into everything you are doing. (Big Applause here !!!) But take some "you" time too. Again, Congratulations on your successes !!!!!

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I appreciate the concerns about my working out. I'm working with a professional trainer (my cousin, so it's free...yay!!!) And she designed my workouts. I was doing 2-3 hour work outs 6 days a week, and she had me change that because she said it was too much. She also said to target specific areas each day instead of trying to do everything everyday. My surgeon and nutritionist are also aware of my work outs as well as what I eat and they are ok with it as long as I don't overdo it and I stop and rest if I'm sore or if something hurts. I always do stretches before any work out and I take long, hot showers to help my muscles after. My husband usually gives me a massage after weight training, too. I also relax after my work outs. I do them after work so I can enjoy my rest time watching tv or a movie with my hubby and daughter. I do appreciate the concern!!! :)

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Just got done with cardio day and feeling great!!!


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You’re doing marvelous!

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Thank you :)

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I'm 2 months post op and starting the gym this week. Starting 2-3 times a week to start. Thinking of joining a weight loss team. Does uiur nutritionist know you are drinking so much Poweraide and Gatorade daily. I was told 1 a day. But with the amount of exercise you are doing it is okay.

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3 hours ago, Bettyboop56 said:

I'm 2 months post op and starting the gym this week. Starting 2-3 times a week to start. Thinking of joining a weight loss team. Does uiur nutritionist know you are drinking so much Poweraide and Gatorade daily. I was told 1 a day. But with the amount of exercise you are doing it is okay.

I only drink 1 Gatorade per day. It's zero sugar and has Protein. What I drink a lot of is Propel flavored water. And tea. I never drink Powerade.

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