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Just wanted to vent a little, I have been looking for support groups to see if I can talk to anyone about all of this, but haven't found anything.

I got VSG on march 31st 2022. The first 5 days were terrible, not only did I throw up everything but also had a really annoying cough, that made my abdomen hurt and didn't let me sleep. Got prescribed antihistamines and it got better. Stayed at home for 6-7 days. Went back to work and felt dizzy, so I had to go half days for a while (I am a veterinarian, on my feet all day).

Two weeks after surgery, I started coughing again, and this time literally felt excruciating pain around the area of the incisions. I got to the doctors office crying, I was in so much pain. They did an ultrasound, bloodwork and X-rays, and sent me to the pneumologist and apparently I had bronchitis, because of the pain I had to stay home again, for a couple of days. I started treatment for it and it started getting better about after 7 days, but then three days later I started coughing. Went back to the doctor, and now had an inflamed lung. He did PCR and D-DIMER, and they were both super elevated (tested negative for COVID), and had to be put on anticoagulants and everything. Started getting better after two weeks, and lo and behold, 5 days later I get a terrible cold. Fever, congestion, and throat ache. Started getting better 3-4 days ago.

Now on top of everything, I broke a toe while walking around the house barefoot. Asked the nutritionist and she said it might be because my Vitamin D is low, and im not absorbing Calcium as I should. Now I had to stay home as well for a week on doctors orders to rest my feet.

I used to be a healthy person before surgery, never got a cold or fractured anything (and definitely have bumped my feet into chairs before). I was morbidly obese, and had joint pains but apart from that I didn't get sick. I feel very frustrated in this aspect. I have lost 50 pounds, in 10 weeks, and don't have any gastrointestinal symptoms (can tolerate basically anything, no vomiting, barely dumping syndrome), but still. I have been eager to start working out but with all these respiratory complications and now a broken toe, it's been an uphill battle.

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Oh, you have been through the wars. None of this would be directly related to your surgery though except from being run down & recovering from a pretty major surgery. Plus you may have gone back to a demanding job too soon leaving you open to pick up a bug. It may have been a signal to slow down you were doing too much. Then your lowered immune system made you a target for the subsequent infections. A perfect storm.

The vomiting after surgery is not uncommon because your tummy is so sensitive but becoming unwell with viruses & infections like you have is uncommon.

You’ll slowly rebuild your immune system especially when you’re able to eat a little more & a broader more nutritious range of foods. In the meantime keep your Vitamins up.

Broken toes are awful. How can such a little part of you be so limiting. I did mine when I accidentally my kicked my vacuum. Half my foot was bruised & swollen for ages. Thank goodness I did it summer so I could still wear slides & sandals.

Congratulations on your weight loss so far. Apart from you being unwell, you’re doing well. Take it easy & take time to fully recover.

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    • BabySpoons

      I don't know when I reached Onederland but just weighed myself @198. 😁
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    • BeanitoDiego

      Constantly amazing myself. This is probably a normal experience for all of us on a WL journey.
      This morning I was at 174 pounds (78.9 kilos). I can perceive that my brain hasn't really caught up to this yet, as I still feel obese, even though I am close to being considered a normal weight, not even overweight. The smaller clothes, the higher fitness level, the great blood work results, the energy- these all tell me a totally different story!
      I have NEVER EVER been, never, not once in my life, nada, zip, zilch, zero times, been "thin." I think this explains some of the disconnect between the reality of my body and the stuckness of my brain. I do have confidence that my mind will catch up soon ❤️
      Not really having the experience of true hunger yet, but I can perceive the peristalsis of my digestive tract. And I am getting very good at spotting head hunger, and simply noticing it, like a Buddhist.
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      27 Pounds down!
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    • BeanitoDiego

      I ordered the Barbecue Protein Crisps here from BariatricPal, and find them quite tasty. The Ranch flavour, not so much. They are very filing and have a satisfying crunch.
      I continue to shrink, and am amazed at the changes all over my body. Visually, it is striking to me. In the mirror, I look thin to my eyes, but I don't feel thin, although I can see more bones and veins and tendons and floppy skin. Cardio-wise, It takes a lot more effort to get my heart rate up and I'm now monitoring which heart zone I can get into and for how long. My resting heart rate is the lowest it's ever been.
      If I think about it, and I left myself feel it for a time, I weep (like, boohoo cry) with joy. I am so grateful to myself, and proud of myself for having the courage to have taken the leap to better health.
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    • Yearofme43

      Well round 2 fight, second attempt at this sleeve surgery.  First attempt found out i have situs inversus that was a year ago, so after another long journey i received a new date for December 1, 2023 for the sleeve. Started pre op diet Friday going well just waiting for the big day, for any tips for newbies look at my prior post alot there of what not to do under temptation,  lol 😆 😅 😀 hope everyone has a great outcome
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