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Pre-Op almost done!

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Hi everyone!

Monday is my surgery date and the last two weeks almost ive been super strict on my pre-op diet but ive only lost 3.3kg

Start weight was 103.6kg and im 100.3kg this morning.

Ive heard of people losing so much more in their pre-op and this small loss really makes me anxious that my liver hasnt shrunk enough😱 i have been told that my bipolar medication can make the weight loss slower though but omg this still makes me anxious!

Only a few weeks ago my GP said i have moderate fatty liver disease(after ultrasound) and the surgeon decided a 2 week pre-op will be fine. But im still so anxious that my liver will be too large and they will need to cancel the surgery.

What was your loss in pre-op? Guess i just need to feel some sort of reassurance

Also, packing for hospital! Anything youd recommend as essential to take?

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A kilogram and a half per week is a lot of loss. I would have maybe lost about that much myself in my pre-op - maybe even a little less. You also weigh less than I did at my surgery weight. Relax. You'll be fine. If you stuck to your diet, your liver will have shrunk. Best advice pre AND post-op is don't obsess over the scales and don't compare your weight loss rate to others. We're all different.

Hospital packing - comfy clothes to leave hospital in, toothbrush and paste, face and hands moisturisers (hospital air just sucks moisture out), phone charger. I took my Kobo e-reader but couldn't concentrate with all the painkillers etc.

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I actually only lost 2.1kgs in the two weeks before surgery. So relax you’ll likely be ok especially as you were only required to do 2 weeks.

I did lose a total of 5.2kgs in the 6 weeks between getting the referral from my GP & my surgery. I started to make changes straight away to start preparing for the pre surgical shake diet I’d heard about & then I only had to follow Keto for the two weeks. Not complaining though 😆.

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I lost about 4 kg on my pre-op diet, but I started the pre-op diet at 166.4 kg which is significantly more than you. There was no concern about my liver, my surgeon didn't even mention it post-op. And weight started just dropping off as soon as I got rid of the surgical Fluid and gas.

DO NOT FREAK OUT if you gain weight right after surgery. They pump you absolutely chock full of surgical fluid and gas and it can take a week to pee and belch it all away.

Make sure you have a couple of follow-ups with your psychiatrist (or whoever prescribes your bipolar meds), one 2-3 weeks post-op and one about 6 weeks post-op. You may need to have your medication levels changed a bit, and if you have extended-release meds (such as carbamazepine ERC) you will probably need to have those changed to regular release, since it won't sit in your new stomach long enough to be absorbed all day. It's annoying to have to dial in meds again but it's worth it.

All you need at the hospital is your phone, a LONG charging cable (some of those outlets might as well be in another room for how far they are from the bed), lip moisturizer, Biotene or similar mouth moisturizer, a comfy and loose set of clothes to go home in, and a pillow for the car ride home in case the seatbelt presses on your incisions (mine didn't, but just in case). You can leave the pillow in the car, obviously. :)

Good luck!

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