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Hi everyone,

My surgery is creeping up fast and I’m starting to feel a little nervous.
I’ve been reading on what to eat and what to avoid post surgery and it’s a little scary thinking about somethings you will never be able to eat again, or always taking tablets, rarely consuming alcohol, possible complications….
I’m sure most people get to this stage pre-surgery.
So far I’ve been nothing but excited for my surgery and a second chance at life and treating my body well.

Just wondering from those that have had surgery if they have any tips, advice on how they managed leading up to surgery and how it has been since?
How was the purée stage and how long until you could socialise with people without being questioned about how slow or little you’ve eaten?
Also I know it says alcohol on special occasions, so just wondering how people cope with alcohol since surgery?

I’ve also decided not to tell people and just have the support from my partner who has been amazing. He is fully supportive. I just don’t want alot of critical people trying to tell me I shouldn’t do it or shouldn’t have done it?

Hugely appreciate any help and guidance :)

Thanks :)

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I don't think anyone goes into surgery without the ol' pre-surgery nerves! We are permanently altering our digestive system, so it's a big life change and that really hits like bricks in the weeks leading up! Stay busy, and keep your eyes on the prize, and keep the "why you're doing this" in your mind. Look at clothes you'd love to buy when you're smaller. Play computer games. Read. Excercise listening to podcasts or audiobooks.

The puree stage was fine, but I was definitely grateful to be able to move onto solid food, even if my portions are absurdly small. Being able to chew on something was a boon. Just remember - the puree stage is only about 4 weeks, you'll be done and dusted in no time. The hardest part is the pre-op liver shrinking diet!

I won't be touching alcohol for at least a year, and I'm okay with that. I socialised with friends two weeks ago and was the only sober one (sat on still Water with a twist of fresh lime all night), and I still had a lot of fun. I've yet to eat with people who aren't my partner, but honestly it's no-one's business, not even my nearest and dearest. I take a plastic food container with me to cafes and restaurants and I pop what I can't eat in it and take it home. I've embraced being the Takeaway Queen. 👑

That you have your partner's full support is wonderful - yay for them! As for everyone else, it's not their business unless you want to tell them. I've told my immediate family, in-laws, and closest friends. No-one else needs to know.

Good luck!

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there are food restrictions the first few months, but after that, there aren't any limitations as long as you can tolerate whatever the food is (I can no longer tolerate really high-fat meals - and it's not uncommon for people to develop things like lactose intolerance after surgery - but you won't have any restrictions per se. I'm "allowed" to eat anything - and have been for a long time).

I was never a big drinker even before surgery - I'd just have an occasional glass or two of wine. We weren't supposed to drink for the first year (according to my clinic, anyway), and I didn't at all for the first three years. Now I'm back to having my occasional glass or two of wine - by which I mean, maybe four or five times a year. So for ME, I don't notice any difference...other than alcohol hits me a lot faster than it did pre-surgery.

taking Vitamins becomes pretty automatic after the first few weeks. I don't even think about it anymore. I take a small handful when I get up in the morning, a smaller handful around dinner time - and my Iron and Vitamin C before I go to bed.

complications aren't common and most are minor and "fixable". The most common one with sleeve is reflux, which in most cases (if you happen to develop it) can be managed medically. In severe cases, there's always the option of revising to RNY - although I don't know how common it is for it to get to that point. Might be worth asking if you're concerned.

I didn't mind the puree stage. It was a relief after being on all liquids. If you're not crazy about the puree stage, just keep in mind that it doesn't last very long. You'll be on soft foods - and then solid - before you know it.

it'll be pretty obvious to others the first month or two by how little you can eat that something is "up". I mostly just tried to avoid going out with people so the question wouldn't come up - or I'd suggest meeting up for coffee or tea or some activity instead of a meal. After that, for several months I'd just claim I wasn't very hungry and order an appetizer or some Soup or chili. Now I'll sometimes still order that - or if I do get an entree, I'll eat half of it and have the rest boxed up. Pretty much the same as a lot of my never-been-obese women friends. No one can tell anymore that I've had surgery.

Basically, this will all take some getting used to - it can be overwhelming at first - but after the first few weeks, it really isn't. And you're right - pre-surgery nervousness is pretty common. I've had four surgeries in my life, and I get nervous every time - but they've all gone off without a hitch!

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Thank you both so much, this has already helped me.
Smanky, you are right, I do just need to keep my eye on the prize and remember why I’m doing this. I’m doing this for a healthier happier life.
I’m not overly worried about the purée stage and I know all these stages are just a temporary thing which helps.
I think the most part I’m worried about is the socialising with friends.
I think I will take you’re advice catwoman and avoid going out for meals and just meet for teas or coffees. Luckily I am in my final year of nursing school next year so I won’t be able to see my friends as much as I usually would anyways which I think will help.
I’m about 10 days into the pre op diet so I have 18 days to go.
Myself and my friends are usually social butterfly’s and enjoy a few drinks so that will be a little strange but I know I can do it. I’ve done it prior when I did the Keto for a year.

That’s a good idea with the plastic containers :)

Yes I’m extremely lucky to have my partner and you are right, it is no one else’s buisness, I was just unsure if I tell a few people or no people. I’m still undecided and suppose I will wait until the time.

I’m so happy to hear there are minimal complications for most.

Thank you both for all your advice and support :)

One more question, it seems it has been a while since you have had your surgery. How did you find the regain period and keeping off the weight and have any old habits tried to creep back in?

Thanks again

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