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Hello All!

I am day 5 post op and I still haven’t been able to tolerate anything chicken based. Has this happened to anyone else? I have tried chicken broth, Bone Broth, cream of chicken and cannot tolerate it. I have adjusted to veggie and beef with no problem. I have heard our taste buds change, but this is an aversion, it makes me nauseated and makes me cramp. The nurses stopped it at the hospital too so that I could be discharged.

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Yes your taste buds, & for some their sense of smell, can go a bit haywire after surgery & be very sensitive to certain tastes &/or smells. You may discover there will be other foods you always liked that suddenly taste disgusting, have no flavour at all or turn your tummy. It does pass. When my sensitivity for chilli & curry worsened to a full intolerance years ago the smell used to make me feel ill. Curry was the worst (& they had curry cook offs at work once a month & the smell would permeate the whole office through the air conditioning. Ugh!!!). It was like the smell was a warning not to eat it because it would make me sick. My chilli & curry intolerance is forever but as I said your current aversion to certain foods will pass. Treat the aversion as a warning that maybe your tummy isn’t ready for it yet.

Congrats on your surgery.

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If you have a food sensitivity that went unnoticed before, it may be made worse with bariatric surgery.

As other posters stated, it’s normal to have pretty major taste and smell changes post op that can take months or more to go away.

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    • Vitra  »  Garnold03

      Lololol...sad but true.. make sure you have probiotics in your diet daily. It helps your b m not have the horrible odor since we do not have the duodenum. I don't understand why they take that part out but they shouldn't leave it. Everything you eat and you can smell. But when you get back to normal eating it is off the chain.
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    • UniquelyMe28

      Exciting news for me. Found out I will be having my surgery October 25th! 
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    • Jrule

      Any od 63 years old  or older having weight loss surgery or have had weight loss surgery.
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      1. Ladidi

        I’m 67 and will be 68 when I have my surgery at the beginning of next year.

      2. Maylin

        I’m 67 and had surgery in September.

    • HeBrokeTheChains

      I had surgery on September 27th and I am one of the very blessed ones that have had no pain to speak of besides a couple days of gas pain. I have lost 9 lb since surgery, and I am feeling a little like I should have lost more by now. Is that realistic? Or am I being too fussy?
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    • QUEEN2021

      Hello everyone.. I had my surgery on Sept 30th 2021.. and it has been an horrible experience to me. I can't hold down fluids or soft food. so much mucus is coming up!! and I'm spitting all day. I'm so sad over this journey. is anyone having this same issue? if so, what are you doing about it. 
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      1. SleeverSk

        Are you on meds for reflux? If not you should be at this point. If you are already on reflux meds get in touch with your surgeon asap as this is not normal. If fact i would be getting in touch with the surgeon either way. I hope your issue is resolved and you feel better soon

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