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Does anyone have advice for how to alleviate the persistent diarrhea my wife is experiencing? She got the Orbera balloon, and she’s on the 4th or maybe 5th week. She’s loosing a lot of sleep because it wakes her up all throughout the night. It doesn’t happen every night and we haven’t identified a specific food as a cause yet. I suspect she needs to increase her Fiber intake.

Also, how can I make sure she’s staying adequately hydrated and getting adequate nutrients? The doctor she used provides this monitoring for free to his patients, but we would have to take a flight to do that. And her insurance (Keiser) doesn’t cover any of this. Could we use prompt care?

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What does her doctor say? In the document below it is suggested not to drink more than one coffee/caffeine drink a day as it could cause cramps or diarrhea. If it's not coffee, I would suggest your wife contact her doctor if she hasn't already done so with concerns around the persistent diarrhea

Patient handbook for orbera balloon: https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/cdrh_docs/pdf14/p140008d.pdf

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        Good luck with your surgery!

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