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Three week stall?

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Just curious about everyone’s experience.

I’ve heard there’s a week 3 stall that nearly everyone experiences. I’m just finishing our week 3 and my loss has stalled. Even gained a pound. I assume it’s because of soft foods being introduced.

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On 06/21/2021 at 13:00, GummyBearQueen said:

You’re not eating enough to gain. It’s Water weight (and you weigh several pounds more in the evening). Keep on your plan, keep up with fluids, and it’ll break. Stay off the scale for a week or so.

Oh, I didn’t think the gain was from the amount of food. More specifically Water retention from adding food. I’m definitely not upset about it, I was expecting it. Just curious about others’ experience with stalling. ☺️

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33 Days out from surgery and yes, I got down to like 16 lbs gone around the 2 week mark then nothing for like 12 days then I went down a few more for a total of 19 and now nothing again all this past week. It's frustrating. Especially when you know you're sticking to the plan and nothing is happening. But, ya gotta keep going I guess and hope things eventually move.

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you're eating way too few calories to have any real weight gain. It's either Water or intestinal contents. And yes - most of us do experience our first stall around the third week post-surgery, so that's almost certainly what's going on. Just stick to your plan and stay off the scale for a few days if you need to. It'll break and you'll be on your way again

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