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February 2021 Sleevers - How is it going?

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Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing.
HW 264
SW 235
CW 195
GW 130
Height 5’5”
BMI 32.6
I was sleeved 2/24/21 and am down 40 lbs since surgery and 69 lbs overall. I recently made it to Onederland and am down 3 sizes- gave all my pre-surgery clothes to a friend! Finding this is very doable and sticking with program. Using Baritastic app to track macros/ meet Protein and fluid goals. I am attending support group hosted by my surgeon’s practice and belong to a couple other online bariatric social groups/ recipe groups.

I am so happy I did this and looking forward to meeting my goal weight sometime. I eat between 650-900 calories per day ( not per surgeon- just the info from my tracking app) and exercise daily. I worry I am too high in calories but I feel good and the weight continues to come off- 5 lbs this week. Looking to start weight lifting to add muscle and help with sagging skin.

I would love to hear how you are all doing.

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You’re doing so well, Jaye W! I’ve been slowly trucking along with loss on the scale, but the inches lost make me happy. I haven’t bought any new clothes but urgently need new bras. I have some smaller clothes in my closet (previous yo yo dieter) and yesterday put on a pair of size 14 jeans (no stretch)! I’ve been in my first mini-stall for about a week and a half but I am practicing patience knowing it’s just a blip.

I was an exerciser pre-weight loss but I’ve added more strength training in addition to cardio days. I feel stronger and more flexible. Getting up from the floor is easier! I’m about where you are calorie wise. Remember that with exercise you need to fuel your body. I am probably still eating about 3 oz of Protein per meal and sometimes I can add veggies but usually I can’t. I have a Protein Shake daily to meet my protein goals but may experiment with adding a snack in instead. I know I can’t eat 30 grams of protein though so a shake is such an easy add.

Working on my mindset and appreciating my body how it is now, knowing that great changes are on the way. Reminding myself that I can’t hate my body into something I love. Sometimes I feel like I’m disconnected from my body—an outside observer—so I am trying to connect with myself more through meditation and gratitude journaling.

ETA: one of the reasons I feel disconnected is that I have BTDT in regards to a smaller body/weight loss. Maybe I don’t want to get too attached in case it’s like all the other times I lost weight only to regain it back? Mindset adjustment for sure.

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I was sleeved 2/5. Down 88 lbs total (62 post op). Feeling great!

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Hi folks!

HW: 267

SW: 255

CW: 227

Height: 5'5

Can't believe I'm 3 month out already! I've lost almost 30 lbs since surgery. 40 lbs since January and I feel great! I was stalling A LOT the first 2 month. I've done so much extreme diets in the past, I think my body was used to it and was trying to wait me out. I haven't had any stalls this month though so I think my body is finally giving up on holding my fat cells hostage! LOL! I am eating roughly 700-1000 calories. I still mostly drink my calories with Protein shakes/drinks. I usually have yogurt for Breakfast, a handful of leftovers for lunch and dinner with protein and veggies or chili. I just started working out again last week. Mostly cardio and Yoga. I am hoping to lose another 30lbs by my birthday (September), then another 30 lbs to my goal by December. I've come to terms with the fact that I didn't dramatically lose a bunch of pounds and my journey is more slow and steady. I haven't brought any new clothes yet but I do feel more comfortable in the clothes I have now. I am thinking its time for some new bras but I want to hold out as long as possible. On a side note, my boyfriend has been so supportive and gone on this weight loss journey with me (without surgery). He is down almost 30 lbs too (MEN!). I think my slower loss keeps him motivated. We are like 3 lbs away from each other and have a mini race going on during our weekly check ins.

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