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Vitamins (yes, again sorry) and All That Good Stuff

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So yesterday I was given a tentative surgery date of May 19th. That's the day unless insurance drags it's feet or Covid changes things. So in preparation I have been going over my nutrition packet again and see that they say the first 3 months AFTER surgery ALL vitamins/minerals/etc. need to be chewable. So under the "Sleeve Gastrectomy" they have the following things listed that need to be taken and their recommendations/suggestions:

Multivitamin - 2 tablets
Bariatric Advantage Chewable Essential Multivitamin
Bariatric Advantage Multi Chewy Bite
Centrum Chewable
Flintstones Complete Chewable


Mutlivitamin - 4 tablets
Bariatric Fusion Complete Chewable Multivitamin

Now, further into the booklet it speaks about taking ONLY Vitamin B12 and B1 for each of the following stages: clear liquids (1 day), full liquids (14 days), and puree (7 days). On the soft foods (14 days) stage in then says to START the Multivitamin listed on page 6 & 7 (which I listed above). So on one hand it says take a chewable multivitamin right after surgery for three months and but then it says to basically NOT start it until 14-ish days out. So which is it?

I also notice that it says under the soft foods stage, where you start taking the multivitamin, that it DOES NOT also list the vitamin B12 and B1. So, does that mean I only need those for the first two weeks/those stages as listed above and that's it?

And finally.............

1. Of those Vitamins listed above, which would you recommend I choose or do you recommend another kind?
2. Since it says the chewables have to be taken for 3 months, which vitamins did you then switch to AFTER the chewable stage?
3. I am anemic, should I automatically keep taking my Iron pill (by crushing it or trying to find a chewable) or no since it's not listed?
4. Is there such a thing as a chewable B12 and B1? I never had to look for such things.

Should I go ahead and buy these vitamins now or should I wait until my pre-operative class and/or my final surgeon visit to get clarification? Just trying to get all my stuff bought and gathered beforehand and not have to wait until last minute. Thanks so much!!!

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Posted (edited)

I took these (1 per day) for the first 3 months, then switched to the capsule form (2 capsules per day).

t's got everything you need, including Iron, except Calcium which you need to take separately. Just make sure you space the Multivitamin and the calcium by 3 hours, to ensure optimal absorption.

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Thanks so much for the info! I'm assuming you had no issue with taste and whatnot? You tolerated it well?

I think to start I'm gonna order some sublingual B12 and B1 and perhaps these Vitamins you posted because I definitely feel I will need Iron. And it doesn't appear to be outrageous in price like some of the things I've seen. High price is fine if you take them and know you like them and tolerate them well. But, when you're first ordering some and you have no clue, I wouldn't want to pay a lot only to maybe have to buy another brand.

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You're most welcome.!
I tolerated them well, yes. I mean, they're not ambrosia... but they went down OK. They have a slight citrus flavor.
Usually, nutritionist/surgeon offices have a ton of samples from Vitamin vendors. You could ask your team if they have any samples, and taste a few before the surgery and decide if you can tolerate them.

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