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Lately I've seen a number of posts where people are questioning if they are too sensitive to comments and questions from others or what should be said in reply. Take this for what it's worth and it's only my opinion. YMMV.

We CAN help how we feel. No feeling is automatic. What we tell ourselves in response to a situation (in this case a comment or question) creates our feelings. That self-talk results in feelings that lead to actions and then consequences, both positive and negative.

If you want to change your feelings, you have to change what you tell yourself. The problem is that is hard to do. Our experiences color how we see events. Many of us have spent years telling ourselves narratives about our self-worth as it relates to our weight. I don't think it's a stretch to say most of it was negative. It takes a lot of effort and practice to change how we think.

But how we think is all we really can control. Husband made a comment in response to others?? Someone commented on your weight loss?? Someone said you look so good?? Your feelings are coming from what you are telling yourself. Who knows what the intent was. Even if you did know the intent, you can't control what someone else says or does. Examine what you are telling yourself and choose a response and go from there.

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