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week 4 struggles and things to look out for

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Hi everyone!

so I would like to discuss the possible negatives of the surgery and how to fix/avoid. the first 3 weeks are crucial IMO. the healing process can be tricky. I wasn't able to eat at all and I barely drank. I was admitted this past Monday for severe dehydration and they agreed to do an upper endoscopy to check if there is anything blocking. it turns out that the food passage (the new connection) was nearly the size of a pin and they immediately fixed it. now I can eat and drink so much better. they opened it to about 10-12mm. A fellow member here gave me the heads up (thank you). I decided to share because the Doctor told me that it is common and it's an easy fix. I hope whoever is experiencing this finds this post and helps them out. this is such a good surgery and the lifestyle change leads to a healthier life. After 4 weeks I don't have sleep apnea, no plantar fasciitis, and lost 40 lbs.

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that's a stricture. Happens to about 5% of RNY patients. They almost always appear within the first three months post-surgery; they're very rare after that. They're caused by overgrown scar tissue. I had two of them - at four weeks out and again at eight weeks out. Easy fix. And you'll feel 100% better afterward.

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