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Not losing weight after surgery as fast

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Had my surgery in 2018 and 2019 I had only lost 80 lb. Since then I've had a Tummy Tuck again. So that means I have less bile in my stomach. Since then I have not lost anything and this is the year 2021 . I have not lost anything since then and why am I not losing. I am eating right but not getting a lot of exercise because of this pandemic covid-19. So I am walking my dog and doing what I can around the house to keep busy and trying to burn off calories but nothing has worked. I don't have the money to go to a exercise gym so my plan is to workout at home but I don't like doing it alone. Don't have a lot of friends. And don't know what to do I consulted my doctor and he said it's because of this covid-19 after this it will come off. I'm just getting stressful in getting down on myself cuz I don't know what else to do. I want to be thinner I want to look good. And I want to be healthier. I'm doing everything correctly but why am I'm not losing anything I know everyone says this two to three weeks stall will pass and then our bodies won't start losing more body weight. And went through the two to three weeks tall and my body has not lost anything since then. And I am getting frustrated. I'm thinking about not eating and starving myself to lose the weight. I eat very small as it is now drink the shakes that I should be 4 meals Breakfast lunch and dinner and I haven't lost anything since. I was down before my second surgery at 219 and then I gained 10 lbs back and now I am at 232 and maintain that weight for now. Not lost anything since then. But my hair is still coming out. Im down on myself . don't know what else to do? Why can't I be thin. I want to lose another 40 lbs . be under 200 lbs I'll be good. But can't lose fast enough ! Help me please, tell me what can I do!

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