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What supplements are ok?

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6 hours ago, Midgmylv said:

I had the sleeve in 2012. I am very careful about what goes in my body as to not make me sick or constipated but also to not cause any long term effects on my stomach etc.

That being said, I get nervous when I have to take any medications.

Is this something I should be able to take without problems??


most of the ingredients in this are B Vitamins, which are Water soluble, so you just pee out anything your body doesn't need. So those shouldn't be a problem. It also has Vitamin A, which you CAN get too much of - but the question is, how much Vitamin A does this have in it, and how much does your Multivitamin have in it? (just checked - this has 300 mcg of vitamin A. Recommended dose for women is 700 mcg. So as long as your multi doesn't go too far over 400 mcg, this should be fine (of course, you get some vitamin A from food, too. Although it looks like the toxicity level is 10,000 or more mcg - so that's quite a bit..)

I don't know about these other ingredients:

  • Dermal Repair Complex Blend Ingredients -- Hydrolyzed collagen, Saw Palmetto fruit powder, Methylsulfonylmethane, Wild Yam Root Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Silica

although the collagen shouldn't be an issue

another thing to consider, does this even work? A lot of these kinds of products make a lot of claims that aren't very realistic. Although I can't speak to this particular one.

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I often question the efficacy of these products too. If you’re already taking Multi Vitamins &/or eating a balanced diet, do you need the extra Vitamins? (I don’t take any multi vitamins at all because I get all I need from what I eat & taking them makes me nauseous.) Have you had a blood test lately? If you are low in A or B than the product may be of help.

I bought collagen & silica (liquid or powder). I mixed these in my yoghurt drink every second day for more than a year. I couldn’t tell you if they actually helped my skin tighten or look better & smoother or not. I was taking them when I was losing weight & I don’t know if my skin would be the same as it is after losing weight without taking them. I don’t take them anymore. I do regularly use a hyaluronic moisturiser because my skin can be a little dry.

Just check the ingredients for drug interactions & side effects. You can only try.

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My general practitioner took lab tests and all my Vitamin levels were A-OK. In fact, I had too much Vitamin D, so I quit taking it for a year. Actually, I quit taking all the Vitamins and supplements for a year. And guess what? My vitamin levels are still all GREAT! No absorption problems. Vitamins make me sick to my stomach unless they're the GNC soft chews, which naturally are more expensive.

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      2 days away!!!!!
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      What I've learned this last 2 weeks is consistent. That's I've been able to lose a pound here and there. This morning sucked it was 48 degrees but I am working on being consistent and sticking to it. Am perfectly sticking to it? Hell no but I'm working my ass off!
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        Good for you! 😀

    • Mrs.Pose

      Post op day 4. Not doing great. Haven't pooped in 6 days .Struggling with water and completing the 3 shakes a day any suggestions on how to win...please advise
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      1. Little wing

        Hello! I m 3 weeks post op and I just went through the worst constipation of my life
        I was severely impacted for 4 days (it was at the door) it was the worst experience ever!
        within 2 hrs I did 2 suppositories and 2 enemas, it did nothing! I always had the urge to go but it wouldn't come out, with the enemas the urge was greater but still nothing! the following morning I did another enema and nothing. I ended up going to the ER and got IV hydration but they recommended to manually scoop some out which I did but girl it was not enough for relief. My MD recommended: stop protein shakes and go back to liquids only like during week 1 and oral exlax pills, 1 dose and if no bowel movement within 4 hrs then another dose. I needed the 2nd dose by the next day I finally started to get relief.

        my advise before you get so constipated like me, is drink smooth move tea and
        if you get impacted like i was maybe try the exlax after you contact your surgeon and let him know they may advise to stop the protein shakes until you have a bowel movement.

        I know you are only day 4 so maybe not to worry right now. I had my first bowel movement on day 5 post surg. BUT BEWARE of not drinking water!
        I struggle with my water intake too, which is why i became so constipated. all that protein but no water, I know its really hard but we have to try. for me that whole experience has been so bad I am afraid to eat anything! Drinking teas really helps me with the water. I like chamomile and the smooth move tastes pretty good. I also try to ALWAYS have a water bottle in my hand. that is a good reminder to drink it. right now i am assuming you are at home mostly resting so its easy to just have it in your hand at all times.
        and I know its prob bad but I havent had a protein shake in a week. I'm barely recuperating from all that impaction trauma, lol.

      2. Uniquely Me

        I hadn’t pooped in a week also. I was taking benefiber everyday and nothing. I finally decided to take a laxative and went. I’m 9 1/2 weeks post op DS.

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