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7 year update

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I had my surgery back in Nov of 2013. It was a huge decision for me at the time and I anguished over it. All the information on this website was super helpful, both before and after the surgery. One thing weighed heavily on me was the long term effects of the surgery, so I committed to giving annual updates on my experience back to this forum. This is my seven year update. Posted below is my last update, with the previous nested within.

I weigh about 205 right now and my weight continues to fluctuate within about 10 pounds. I would really like to weigh 190, so like most normal people I'm working on losing a few pounds. With that said, back in 2013 I weighted 275 and was headed for 300+ quickly. I have zero doubt that without having the surgery, I would be in very, very bad shape today and have no regrets about the decision.


  • I've been able to enjoy a "normal" weight life style for the last seven straight years.
  • I'm off all meds.
  • I fit comfortably in coach seats on the airplane.
  • I shop for clothes in regular stores and it's easy to find a size that fits. I'm between a L and XL for shirts and have a 36 waist.
  • My bones and joints don't ache. I can exercise, play golf, ski, etc. comfortably and enjoyably.
  • I happily and naturally eat "normal" size portions and have no "trouble" foods. My meal (whatever it is) basically fills on a salad plate. Two eggs and a piece of toast is a full Breakfast. lunch could be a regular sandwich with nothing else or a half sandwich and a small side. dinner could be a tiny 5 oz steak and a small portion of potatoes and veg. Importantly, these are all full portions for me and totally satisfying.
  • I love food and definitely look forward to eating (head hunger) but I rarely experience physical (stomach growling) hunger.
  • I used to take omeprazole daily for heartburn, but it's unnecessary now. Occasionally, I'll take a Tums but only a few times a month.
  • Since 7 years have gone by, none of my real old friends even remember me as a big person or ask about my weight. Anyone that I've met since wouldn't even know to ask -- they just view me as a normal weight person. When I tell them I used to weigh 275 the reaction is always "no way!" Occasionally, the old pictures come out and everyone gets a chuckle. I don't see myself as a fat person.


  • I'd still like to loose 15 pounds. Even with the gift of not being able to eat much, my ideal weight of 190 requires more work. Reducing snacking, sweets and more exercise is what's required and WLS does nothing to help on those fronts. I'd say WLS solves 80% of the challenge but the last 20% goes back to the basics we've heard all of our lives.
  • If I overeat or eat way too fast, I will need to throw it up. This happens about once a month. It typically occurs when I eat something that's really good and I gobble it down too quickly. About 2 minutes later, I will feel pretty uncomfortable. I can wait it out and eventually it will go away. But more often than not, I just head to the bathroom and get it out. It's kind of gross to be honest.
  • I have always liked to drink alcohol -- beer, wine, whiskey, mixed drinks and so on. IMO, drinking doesn't have any increased impact as a result of WLS -- I'm not more of a "light weight" than I used to be. But, as a practical matter, I do believe that it's easier to over drink following WLS. If I'm out to dinner with friends, they have starter courses, main courses, desert and so on. It's pretty easy for me to pour another glass of wine or order another scotch, while they eat through the evening. I would caution folks that like to drink to pay extra attention to this tendency following WLS. (BTW, I'm doing "dry January" right now:)

That's about it. In sum, the sleeve was the best decision of my life. I hope this helps folks that are wondering about how things play out way down the line. If you have questions, you can DM me and I'd be happy to share thoughts. Good luck and look for another report from me next year.

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Thank you for sharing your progress. It’s so helpful, and reassuring, to read about people’s progress & experiences a number of years post surgery.

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As someone who has just had Gastric Sleeve surgery two weeks, and being older than you were when you had yours, I just want to thank you for taking the time to update every few years.

I went back to your original post and read through your entire journey. I really needed to see your perspective long term as the first 3 weeks have been miserable! :)

Please consider continuing to post yearly as to inspire others that this surgery is marathon--not a spring.

Thanks again.

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@EducatingtheMasses I'm so glad you found it useful. The first few weeks aren't pleasant but hopefully every week gets better than the last. IMO it's a good tradeoff vs. living life with a 100 pound weight tied around your neck. Good luck and feel free to send me a message anytime.

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      Kind of nervous, as expected. One month out from surgery!
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    • lauren.g

      😫 Hi, I’m new to bariatricpal! I am 8 days post op VSG. I am struggling very badly. I’ve been so emotional because I feel like I’m doing wrong. I’m afraid I’ll eat or drink to fast or eat the wrong thing. I’ve been on Pinterest and YouTube constantly for help. I have followed all of my surgeons and dieticians instructions. I just don’t know if my body is getting enough. Today, I am weak, sore, and just exhausted. 
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      1. Tara A

        It passes!! Everyone goes though it! It is a short term emotion! I'm almost five years post op! You made the right decision! Don't focus on the change right now. Try to entertain your mind. What your feeling only last about a week. It's related to your body adjusting and you mind adjusting. You got this!!

      2. SleeverSk

        I agree with Tara it's hard right now but it gets better do t forget your hormones will be all over the place you may even feel depressed. Be kind to yourself reach out and talk to people how you are feeling .

    • Reluctantsleever

      Scheduled for VSG and hernia repair surgery 5/18/22
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      Can't wait for my surgeon consult! June 8th, I get my surgery date!
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      I know BMI is not the best indication of things in certain situations but I'm happy to share I'm out of the obesity class III category. I'm in class II now. Just 47 more lbs until I'm officially "overweight". Haven't been just "overweight" since I was a kid. "laughs" 
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