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One person I know who spectacularly failed their surgery insisted before surgery that they were going to eat the same just “smaller portions”. And it worked for 3.5 months. That’s all the time they lost weight, because after that point the “small portions” of the same food that got them obese were enough to stall weight loss. He never made it out of the obese range.

For anyone reading this thread stressing out about which surgery to pick, I really hope you get one takeaway. The sleeve and the bypass are both great surgeries that give you an opportunity for success. If you go into it thinking what really matters is your choice of surgery above all, and aren’t making conscious choices to examine what and how you are currently eating that got you into this mess, you’ll likely fail the surgery. Pick whichever surgery works for your specific circumstances (history of heartburn, medications, etc) and commit.

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14 hours ago, Jaelzion said:

Thing is, there’s no surgery that will allow you to eat the way you used to and still maintain a weight loss. You don’t have to “diet” forever but you will need to eat mindfully. A lot of us are accustomed to eating with reckless abandon and that’s how we got big in the first place. Since I’m done losing weight, I allow myself occasional treats. Nothing is forbidden forever, but if mealtime was a TV show, some foods are part of the regular cast and some are “guest stars” I see once in a while. I don’t “diet” but I do try to make good choices about what to eat (with an indulgence thrown in here and there).

This is a perfect response. If we are to be on this lifelong, we need to accept that we will not be able to eat the same way we did (which lead to morbid obesity in the first place).

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