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Lap band - more fluid, less restriction

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Hello, newbie here...

I’ve had my lap band since 2005! Everything was all good, until I moved to a new state a year ago, went to a new dr a few weeks to have a fill to kickstart additional weight loss (gained weight due to new job, new state, new house, new to Cajun food-lol, liquid calories); the dr added Fluid (was at 2.75/4cc band, made Fluid 3.0) now I feel no restriction at all! I came back 2 days later, he took all the fluid back out which was all present and no leak was indicated, and added more fluid (now 3.25), and still no restriction! He said give it a few days, I feel no difference, my previous experiences are that I feel instant restriction after a fill. I definitely felt more restriction at 2.75cc, I had that amount in for almost 3 years before seeing this new dr a few weeks ago. Since he performed the film under fluoroscope he insists that everything went in. A couple of days ago I asked him to perform a swallow study with barium, he is typically very responsive but I’ve heard nothing yet. I’ll give him time to respond but if my band isn’t leaking, and I feel very little restriction with more fluid, where could the fluid be? In a pocket in the port?

I was hoping to get tightened before the holiday to prevent excess eating, now I’ve done the complete opposite, I’m so disappointed. Any advice appreciated, thanks...

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All our bodies react differently with the band.

For me if I have more than 1 cc then have a tremendous amount of acid reflux. So after years of trying to put in more Fluid for more restriction I have learned that 1 cc is my limit and not to try any more.

Fluid Intake is another key I almost never drink with my meal or drink anything prior and after my meals for 20 minutes.

Otherwise it seem that I can eat forever when I drink with my meals

For me I need to go to bed by 9pm because I tend to eat late at night.

I do quite a bit of walking which helps pass some of the time away.

Seems that I eat or graze during the day if I do not take in at least 40 to 64 ounces of liquid.

I use the 80 20 rule that is make good eating choices 80% of the time and enjoy my self without guilt the other 20% of the time

I still chew and chew and chew my food even mash potatos on thos rare occasions when I indulge in the 20% time

For example last night we had Spaghetti and Meatballs and my portion size was 1/4 of everyone else but because I was very slow in eating I was still the last one to finish.

I know that I could of eaten a lot more food last night but going into the meal I had already made up my mind that I would not over eat. I did reach for more but did not partake of more.

Even if I would of eaten more I would not feel any guilt and it could of been part of my 20%,

I am constantly look at my fist and remind myself would what I m planning to eat fill my fist and then that helps me to have Portion Control.

For me the lapband is just a tool and only I can control what goes in my mouth whether I am filling restriction or not.

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