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Worried BF is moving too fast w/ stages

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So I had VSG 3 years ago, and my BF just had the same procedure done 2 weeks ago (different surgeon/hospital). I feel like he is not following his surgeons guidelines, and I'm not sure how much to worry/comment on things I observe (we live together).

After my surgery I don't think I ate "real" food until 1 month out (starting with eggs and other really soft options). He is 2 weeks out and eating salmon, chicken, beef, etc. (mostly from restaurants where it's questionable how they really prepare the food (from a nutrition standpoint). Per his surgeons protocol he should only be doing pureed.

Also, I know everyone is different, but I was NEVER hungry until about 6 months out and he says he is hungry often and I see him looking at the fridge/pantry throughout the day.

Also, he is not taking Vitamins and Calcium consistently, not getting in enough Water, and not tracking Protein (but I haven't seen him drink a Protein Shake, so he's just getting it from whatever he's eating).

He is losing weight, I'm just worried he is going to mess something up or stretch out his "new" stomach too soon before he gets to his goal weight. 3 years out I have DEFINITELY stretched my stomach, and wish I had kept to the strict diet even longer than what my surgeon recommended (e.g. protein shakes). Any advice? Or am I overreacting?

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Have you ever been on a diet (or not) and had someone telling you constantly that you are doing it wrong. Even when you were doing it wrong? If not, I have, and it is something I rightly or wrongly resented.

The crappy thing for you is from the 'helper' side, you are pretty much in a no win situation. You feel you just must 'help', but any help will be interpreted as nagging.

Oh, and it get's crappier: At the stage he is in it's almost impossible not to lose weight. He is learning that he can do what he wants and lose weight. In a few months he will learn this is not true and then it will be too late to build success with weight loss as a positive feedback.

Really, you have a bunch of bad choices to choose from.

I have a relationship that we can sit and talk about these sort of things, but then that's it... it's up to us do to it. Frequent reminders do not go well, we work at supporting the right things, but don't force or push. It's an almost impossible balance that we often don't manage.

Good luck,


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