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How many calories are you guys getting in per day?

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3 hours ago, Slightly Less Fatty Matty said:

It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. So many doctors have such different post op requirements. Mine only gave me a four week plan, after that I was on my own. When I first started drinking carbonated again I took it really slow at first, I shook out most of the carbonation. It didn’t bother me. I’m always hesitant to suggest doing things your doctor says no to, but when I did meet with a local nutritionist (I had surgery in Mexico so once your back home you really are on your own) she said that typically doctors give the safest advice possible to limit phone calls from patients and of course actual harmful situations that could lead to malpractice lawsuits. If I doctor had a patient who had a bad episode from say... carrots they may just add a blanket “no raw veggies” for six months, etc. it’s to protect them, and isn’t necessary for 99% of their patients but better safe than sorry. Once I heard that (and it does make sense) I just went for it with raw veggies, carbonation, etc. perhaps I’m an anomaly but nothing has bothered me. I still make good choices when it comes to food, and even though I know diet sodas aren’t the most wonderful of products it’s not hurting my weight loss which is my main focus right now... and they really do keep me full and satisfied all day.

I see - very interesting. Soda wasn't a big issue for me as I've always preferred flat drinks, so I never questioned my bariatric team's prohibition on it. Good to know it's not quite as bad as they made it sound, LOL.

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