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Calories & exercise over 1 year post op

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How many calories should I be having a day when you’re still trying to lose weight and are over 1 year post op? Also how much exercise should I be doing? Should I just make sure I’m doing 10,000 steps per day?

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OK... I just checked and 10k steps a day = 5 miles. You may have burned 500 calories. Woot!

However, spread over the day I suspect you are not getting into an aerobic zone, so maybe not 500 calories.

My sense is that a 5 mile walk would do more for you than 10k steps.

Your plan should tell you how many whats you should consume. It's not up to us. For instance, my plan is specific that I eat 3 meals a day, 3oz Protein, 1oz veggies. I count meals, not calories, carbs, grams, whatever.

As always, it's not easy. You need to follow your plan religiously.

Good luck,


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