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Best advice for pre-op diet?

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I’m starting my pre-op diet on Tuesday of this week. I know that all programs are different. For me, I’ll have four weeks of: 3 Protein Drinks, 4 oz chicken or fish, and 1 cup of vegetables per day. I’m not concerned about my ability to limit myself to this. For several weeks now I’ve already been drinking 3 Protein drinks per day and eating a protein, 2 portions of vegetable, and a potato or grain carb for dinner. So really, this will be almost the same except the only carbs I’ll be getting are vegetables, and my food will need to be plainer.

Long story about why I had already been so close to the pre-op diet for several weeks: dietician from hell who shamed me every time I came in because I hadn’t lost as much weight as she thought I should. I had no option but to stay with this dietician until the surgeon cleared me, so the only way I could cope with working with her was to take matters into my own hands and eat much less than she was telling me to. For me, that was the only way of surviving this because I left every appointment with this person in a horrible space as far as mental health goes. Then, after I essentially starved a bunch of weight off, she finally stopped being so aggressive.

Because of the story above, I do have some concern that I’ll end up not losing as much weight during the pre-op diet as my providers think I will because it’s really not too much different from what I’ve been eating since July.

In any case, what are your best tips for managing this type of pre-op diet? Particularly for avoiding boredom with it because I’m definitely getting bored with food already and haven’t technically started yet. Please do NOT tell me about your pre-op diet that allowed other foods than what I have listed above. What I listed is what I’m allowed to have, so I can’t do things that other programs might allow such as having a different Lean Cuisine every day.

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Maybe get some of those sugar free syrups to flavor your shakes so you dont get bored. They have many flavors mint for chocolate shake as an example. 3 shakes a day 😖

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