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I'm uncontrollably hungry. Please help!!!

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Hi Bandsters,

I had my last band fill in November 2019. It put me up to 7.5 in a 10cc band. I was fine with that fill for a few months, but then COVID hit. During the lockdown my band became unbearably tight and I got acid reflux for the first time in March and was unable to eat or drink anything. My surgeon managed me through that episode, but I still wasn't very healthy. Since then, I continued to have difficulty eating, but had the added complications of blood pressure drops, causing me to become dizzy. I even fell to the ground on some occasions. I was feeling so miserable that I finally went to my doctor last week and asked to have some Fluid removed. I am now down to a 7cc fill, but I am now uncontrollably hungry. I've actually forgotten what it is like to feel this way. I'm trying my best to not eat everything in sight, but no amount of Protein is bringing my hunger under control. I have gained 7 pounds in 5 days. I need to get a handle on this. Have any of you encountered this on your journeys? What did you do to keep your hunger in check?

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Wow, you sound like you are having rough time.

Are you drinking enough? I might up my drinking in your situation.

Does eating actually take care of the hunger for at least a short time? If so, I might make meal sizes smaller but more frequent. It might help with actual hunger and appetite.

I might also up the flavor profile of what I eat. I'd go spicier, hotter.

Another action is distraction. Find something you can immerse yourself into. A book or series of books, games, a hobby, movies or TV Series, cleaning (ick), exercise. Whatever floats your boat.

Exercise can also affect hunger positively.

I hope these ideas help you work it out.

Good luck,


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I echo that - drinking Water assuaged a lot of hunger. I’m heavy on hot pepper sauce when I want to keep hunger at bay, too. You may or may not be able to tolerate that. But the spice keeps my body preoccupied.

Edit: Sorry! No band here. Feel free to disregard.

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