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Fluvoxamine Stomach Issues

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I currently take 300mg of Fluvoxamine (Luvox) at night. For those who are unfamiliar, it's an SSRI usually used for individuals with OCD.

Any who, since my roux en y, I have been having just a heck of a time taking these.

Initially, the general bariatric doctor cut me down to 200mg, which was way too fast of a "wean" and I had severe withdrawal symptoms, so back to 300mg for now.*

Despite cutting them up, taking them hours apart, etc., I am always sick when I take these now. I have pain, immediate gas, sweats, and then it settles down after 30 minutes or so.

I'm currently looking into getting them compounded because I vomit when they are smashed to a raw powder. I also try to take them with food, which only helps a tad.

Anyone have similar experiences with medications or tips on how to settle the roaring gut?

*If you are trying to get off an SSRI, Benzo, etc., do NOT ever stop taking them or make drastic cuts. You need to wean off these!

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I am having a similar issue with my Zoloft. I try to take it with food but at this point I’m only a week out from surgery so I can’t fit much in. Can’t decide whether to taper off the med or try to figure it out.

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I need to speak with a doctor, this is ridiculous. I take my meds and immediately for about 30 mins, I break out into an insane cold sweat and fart non-stop. It's hilarious and painful at the same time.

I'm going to talk to a local pharmacy about getting my meds compounded into a different form thats easier to digest.

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