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I had the band for 14 years. I had it removed 2 years ago because it had slipped and was tearing my stomach. I ended up with severe damage to my stomach and esophagus. I developed horrible GERD. I also developed a hiatal hernia after removal.

I'm now 2 weeks post-op. Even with the past issues my surgeon was adamant that VSG was my best option. I'm hopeful to be past all my lapband woes. I would not recommend the band to anyone. I think they have found there are better options these days. Good luck on your journey.

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Before deciding on lapband, be sure to do lots of research on results 5-10 years out. When I had mine about 15 years ago it was the it surgery and I was really excited. And the first few years I had great results and lost 145 lbs. However, what they are finding now is that the complication rates farther out are a lot higher than other surgeries. I myself had mine out about a year ago, but for almost 10 years before that I was completely unfilled as I would wake up at night choking on acid and would throw up regularly with even a tiny fill.

Last year I had it removed, and then at the end of the year I had RNY. I specifically chose RNY due to my history with heartburn and the band and have been very happy.

Whatever you do, just do your research and be honest with your doctor.

Best of luck!

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