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For those of you long time sleevers 1yr+, I have a question

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About Me:

Pre Weight: 200lbs

Height: 5”3

Post Weight: 120 (4 yrs later). Lost all my weight in the 1st year. Lowest 117, looked very sick, couldnt barely eat. Slowly got up to 128 my highest oct 2019. Then lost 8-10 lbs when started working.

So my question is, what is your diet like? Calorie Intake, foods you tolerate, can”t tolerate, meal plan, how much can you eat.

Me: Main things I eat

2 Toast, Egg, cheese sandwhich, but yet I get full from just having 1/2 porkchop; Im talking the size if my palm in half by itself Weird!

I used to be able to eat lots of popcorn when I could have it. Now I can barely finish a typucsl medium popcorn.

I can drink pop no problem

2-3 Slices Pizza: (Depends on size)

I can eat a pack of oatmeal with Peanut Butter. Only that.

Can do coffees

Can’t do Ice caps! Major sugar dump.

and i cant tolerate ice cream any more

can do yogurts

umm typical meal: 1/4 - 1/2c Carbs, and for meats 3sm meatballs, 1 Thigh, 5 pieces of chicken fries by itself).

can do half chicken breast with 1/4-1/2c rice

I still dont or know how to get the carb/protein and vegetables. I just have room for the carbs/meat. Which is fine because i hate alot of veggies. And fruits; I have in smoothies; I can do around 8-16oz, depends on what I make.

so in short, I still cant eat alot at once but i get hungry every 2 hours, i can do 3 if i am not working, and just being home or out and about

since i cant fit in the veggies, if i didnt would be like 1/4-1/2 meat, 1/4-1/2c Pasta, potatoe, rice, and then like 2 broccoli. Whats the point if the broccolli then, especially if i favor favor the carbs and Protein before tge veggies. Waste if time to cook 2-3 broccollis..

I try and get veggies in by juicing, but its a battle. So far i only like green veggies to juice. I would never eat celery, cucumber, spinach, but it took me a while to build up to be able to drink it :)

soooo what about you?

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I’m three years out and I can eat pretty much anything. I do get full after a normal adult size portion of Protein, but not carbs. Ice cream slides down way too easily! I’m jealous of your restriction, I’m dealing with regain.

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I'm about 2.5 years out. I can pretty much eat anything, just in smaller quantities

  • I can eat 1 egg and 1 piece of toast, that's it
  • I can eat 1 cup of old-fashioned oatmeal
  • I can eat 1 individual serving size container of yogurt (I eat Skyr and mix in chia seeds, 1 TBSP Unjury, and 1 TBSP granola)
  • I can eat half of just about any sandwich (maybe more if it's sandwich bread, but definitely half for bun-type sandwiches)(I DO NOT eat "sub" sandwiches, nor have I tried)
  • I can eat 1 piece of regular sliced pizza.
  • I can eat 1 taco (hard shell and soft shell varieties) and maybe have room for a couple bites of rice/beans.
  • I can eat about a cup of any meal for dinner (this includes separate meat or a casserole-type. Even pasta.)
  • If I'm having a soup/salad combo, I can eat about 1/2 cup of Soup and sometimes half of the sandwich (depending on who made the sandwich)
  • I can eat about 1-1.5 cup of a tossed salad as long as I don't have too many "fixins" on it like meat and I don't do croutons.
  • I can eat 1 small apple, banana or about a cup cubed melon/fresh pineapple/etc. That's only if I'm eating it alone. If I'm eating it with a meal/as my dessert, maybe a couple bites.
  • I can eat much more popcorn than I care to admit. It's like it dissolves in my belly and next thing I know I've eaten like 3 cups. So, I portion it out and when I empty my portion/container, I'm done.
  • I CAN drink small sips of soda, but I don't. Same goes for champagne. (which I REALLY like as a Mimosa)
  • I can eat about 1 cup of ice cream (hard and soft varieties), then I hit my STOP point.

And overall, I still have to eat pretty slowly. If I go into auto-pilot and start shoving things in my mouth to quickly or don't chew fairly well, I have pain/discomfort.

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Oh my this has caused me to gain a lot of weight back and I not even 3 years. The SIP has been terrible & emotional eating, lots of sliders and junk food I never really ate before. I still get full but I eat again as soon as I’m not full or hurting anymore. I don’t even know what if feels like to actually feel hunger pangs. I’m definitely hurting myself. It’s a deep emotional thing :(

I need to do the reset program of eating and get my butt disciplined again.

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I will be 1yr, 9 months this week.

5’2”, started at 235, lowest 109, now I consistently hover around 115.

I can eat pretty much anything without issue except for large quantities of sugar (especially on an empty stomach, yikes!).

With that said, just because I can eat anything, doesn’t mean I do. I still stay away from rice, Pasta, bread and potatoes. I don’t really eat fruit except for berries, but I do love me some mangoes, so I won’t say no if its around. I am known to eat dessert or occasion (a lot of times to my detriment...i.e., dumping), and drink semi-regularly.

In terms of volume (at one 45-60 minute sitting...I need to eat slowly otherwise I’ll foam up, and I don’t have any liquids for about an hour after I eat anything)

meats and seafood, I top out at maybe 3-4oz, after which I get really uncomfortable and may barf. Pork especially fills me up quick. Though I’d like to think I could probably eat a wole package of cooked bacon if I put my mind to it lololololzzz

Raw salads, 2-3 cups

Cooked veggies, 1 cup

My typical meal is salad with a couple oz of some sort of Protein on top. The salad is typically greens, cucumber, carrots, maybe some cheese or seeds/nuts sprinkled on top. I always add 1-2 tbsp of a low cal homemade vinaigrette...I think this is actually my fave part of the salad, lol)

If its not salad, I’d eat a small portion of whatever I made for the fam (minus any carbs), less than 1 cup in volume total. Same if I go out to eat.

I don’t have any set meal times, I just eat when I’m hungry. Open my fridge and you’ll find partially eaten bowls of food that I work on throughout the day (or over a couple days). The first meal of the day is almost always after noon. I TRY not to eat past 7pm, but am often not successful.

I maintain my weight on about 1800-2000 average a day, BUT I exercise regularly, so this has to account for that. I don't really know what my cal intake should/would be if I didn’t exercise, and I’m not really keen on finding out.

Finally, in terms of appearance (and this is both my opinion and my fam’s): For some reason I look healthier/less guant/less sickly than I did last year, even at the same weight. This may be due to the plastics I got last December, but I didn’t do anything to my face, and I think it looks way more filled in and less droopy than it did last year. I suspect its because of all the extra carbs...I used to take in less than 25g Net carbs, and these days I am at about 50-100g, depending on the day. So yay, Desserts? Lol

P.S. Sorry this was so long...I’m in an essay-writing mood today 😎

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