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Hi👋 New member here. Haven’t had surgery yet. I have my first consultation with the team on August 6.

I’ve been thinking about having gastric surgery for years, ever since a co worker got the sleeve in Mexico. At that time, I think it was a fairly new procedure to the US so she went to Mexico bc they had been doing it for a while. This was maybe 2010. It ends up, I personally know about 7 people who have had either sleeve or bypass since then. I watched as some of them had a lot of success and some had a lot of non surgical complications such as other addictions, divorce, etc.

I kept thinking that surgery was not the right answer for me. But every time I had success on a diet, I would eventually fail and the weight would come back plus some.
i am currently at my highest weight of 250, I am 5’7” tall.

My mother also struggled with her weight her whole life. I watched her become more and more ill from different diseases, All of which was compounded by her weight. When she died this past April, I finally realized that I had thought about it enough, it was time to do something. I don’t want to follow in her foot steps, but I see it happening.

I’m not gonna lie, I have fears. But I am also excited. I’ve been lurking on these forums for about a week and you guys are such a wealth of info and experience, I’m so glad I found this website. 🖤

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Go for it, I have lost a lot and gained it all back about three times in my life. Realising that diet and exercise will fail you is devastating. Now I am 3,5 weeks bypassed, doing well.

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