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When Do i stop taking Pantoprazol?

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Dear all,

I am really so happy to find this forum. I was sleeved in 9 December 2019 in Germany and everything was so perfect for me so far. My Dr told me that after two months i should reduce the pills of PPI slowly. i really did so. It is my fifth month so far and i cannot reduce for more than one pill 40mg for each three days. I really tried a lot but it does not work. in the third day i start feeling some slight pain in my stomach and others i have slight pain in my tonsils. Anyone had a similar story? i am really afraid of having a chronic GERD and then converting to bypass.

A last question is about weight loss. since two months my weight loss is very slow. It is a kilo and a half or two kilos maximum. Does it mean that i will not reach my goal?

I was 146 kilo. Now i am 114

Thanks a lot

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I would call the surgeon but when I had GERD (prior to surgery) it wasn't too bad so I dropped form 40mg to a 20mg dose. Maybe that will work for you in the short term.

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My surgeon said I’d be taking it forever after my surgery. I take 20mg every morning but am thinking about trying another one (or half) at night as on occasions I’ve had some slight burning in my throat.

I’ve been on 20mg Nexium for years but only took it when necessary - stressful situations, if I knew I would be eating rich creamy or fatty food, if I was going for drinks with friends (too much champagne or too many G&Ts), when I’d have an attack of hiccups ( though I would often need 40mg then).

Slowing weight loss is normal. Remember, we all lose weight differently. Some weeks you’ll lose more, others less or you’ll hit stalls. I think of it as your body coming to terms with all the weight loss changes. If you’re losing 1.5 - 2kg a week that’s very good. By my fifth month I was losing between 0.6 - 1.4kg.

You’re doing well. Keep following your plan. You will lose the weight. 😁

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