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11 hours ago, Machta said:

Good day to all. I was sleeved at the University of Colorado hospital last week, July 16. Early on in my process I had considered working with Blossom, but eventually my insurance did cover the surgery completely. So I went with a local surgeon.

I have a deep respect for Blossom's reputation, and there are sure a lot of people who have been happy with the care they have received. But if I had been in a hotel rather than the hospital for the two days after surgery, it would have been TRULY AWFUL. I had a lot of pain, headaches, and a few complications I'm still working through. This is major surgery, after all. I don't mean to tell you to not go to Blossom, but think about what you need carefully.

Five days out, and I'm doing a lot better. Hopefully I can sleep without pain meds tonight!

Good luck to all!

Everyone has different experiences with any kind of surgery. There is absolutely no way to know in advance how your body will react after surgery. I think Blossom did a phenomenal job with me and I would recommend them to anyone. In fact, you can hardly even see the four small incision points they made on me. The only one truly visible on me now is the largest one.

I’m sorry you had complications, however, a lot of us don’t have those lingering complications. The only day I even took pain meds was the actual day of my surgery. I had mine done on a Thursday, and Friday morning my husband and I were up and out the door and went shopping at the Tanger outlets there in Vegas.

I feel sure that anyone considering weight loss surgery does plenty of research before making their decision on where to have it. Blossom is the right place for many of us, but not all.

I hope you feel better soon.

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