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3 hours ago, catwoman7 said:

The vast majority of people who've had either kind of surgery have had either no complications at all or very minor ones that were an easy fix.

I agree. I had a minor bleed from one of my port sites 1 day post op but it was easily treated with compression dressings and a tranexamic acid IV.

My surgeon said it was due to limited cardiovascular instability.

Not having surgery would have been almost certain death if i carried on the way i was going.

Couldn't be happier with the whole process.

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I think there is a lot of fear about GERD and the sleeve. I had that fear too, especially after going on various forums. I did my own research and consulted with my surgeon and PCP and went with the sleeve. One of the big things that studies have shown is that a patient with a hiatal hernia needs that to be repaired when they are sleeved. There have also been studies that suggest that GERD occurs more frequently when the surgeon leaves a bit too much stomach at the top (there is a technical name for it that I can't recall) Ask your surgeon what their stats are for post sleeve GERD

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On 4/14/2020 at 5:30 AM, Loosing my fight said:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT have a Gastric Bypass surgery! My son had the sleeve done and had severe Acid Reflux and is now doing great! He looks awesome and feels awesome and no longer suffers as bad from GERD which also depends a lot on what your food choices are.
I on the other hand had Gastric Bypass surgery and I no longer absorb any nutrients, I suffer horribly from Vitamin Deficiencies ~ AND Malabsorption, i have so much skin hanging off me, lost most of my teeth and hair and have osteoporosis, hypersomnia, ... diagnosis that I didn’t have previously to having this surgery. I can’t get any doctors to help me. I have been begging for Vitamin infusions because I don’t absorb anything in pill or Gummy forms. I feel like I’m loosing my fight at this point. The surgery was in 2006. I’m so tired, never have a drop of energy, I live in a recliner, I can’t go shopping or out anywhere because I have no energy ever. I’m literally dying because of that surgery. PLEASE don’t do it!

Why don't you have a reversal? They do them. And if your test results support what you say then your insurance should cover it. I'm so sorry you're suffering. But there is help. I'm reading more and more about the reversals since I am researching Bypass.

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