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11 hours ago, summerset said:

I have no idea what these dishes contain besides rice or noodles so you might take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Just because a meal is centered around rice or noodles doesn't make it "unhealthy". It might be viewed as unhealthy from the perspective of a person that holds the opinion low-carb eating is the ideal way of eating but that doesn't actually mean a rice or noodle centered dish is unhealthy.

You're right. To give you some examples of what's available: fried pork cutlet on a bowl of rice. Ramen and gyoza. Udon with any number of fried (tempura) vegetables on the side. Japanese curry rice. The curry is sweet and has meat and maybe some vegetables. Sushi - more rice than fish. Omurice - about a cup of rice wrapped in a very thin egg omelet. It might have some cabbage on the side. Even the little rolled omelets that you get here have sugar (as does sushi rice) - despite not liking overly sweet things Japanese actually put sugar in a lot of things you wouldn't expect. I'm not saying that all of these things are unhealthy, but if you are looking for Protein + low carb and maybe some real nutrients (veggies) on the side, it's hard to find anything. At least near my university. Go to the touristy areas or downtown there are a lot more options - tofu restaurants, vegetarian ones, etc.

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Wow, I learned so much, thanks for explaining!

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