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Lap band Revision Sleeve vs. By-Pass

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Hello All I Need Some Input and/or advice,

Had Lap band in 2007 did really well on it and lost 122 Pounds 288 down to 166!

Last 18 months My weight has gone up, but was unable to be adjusted, Radiology MD said I was to tight and would not adjust me. I attempted multiple adjustments and every time the Radiology MD said no Im to tight.

Went to my Bariatric surgeon and he finally removed all the fill and said rest 30 days and lets try a fill. That was before Thanksgiving. From then until Mid January I packed on 30 pounds! Finally got a fill of 1.5 CC (my band holds 4CC) and... nothing. It should be noted that I have no problems with GERD, reflux or any other issues - just no weight loss.

Went to a new doctor (only changed because he is closer to work/home) recommended revision to BY-Pass, but I was thinking sleeve. He says if I want to get back down to 166 by-pass is the way to go. I know some people that had By-pass started off great and then gained weight.

Here are my questions:

Which way to go Sleeve or By-Pass?

If you converted from band to sleeve how much did you loose in total?

Did you loose as much as you had with the lap band?

If you chose By- pass how much did you loose in total?

Im not worried about the surgery or recovery - Im just worried about living with my choice how it will affect my eating and possible weight gain - I do not want to have a third weight loss surgery.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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you can gain weight with either surgery, so I wouldn't let whatever rumor you heard about that be your deciding factor. If you don't follow your plan, then the weight will come back, no matter if you have sleeve or bypass.

the bypass is the more powerful surgery of the two - although people have been successful with both (and people have "out eaten" both and gained weight). If there is a medical reason for you to go one way or the other, then I'd go by the surgeon's recommendation. Otherwise, either surgery is a good choice.

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I just had an eleven year old band removed three months ago and a conversion to the bypass. I went with the bypass because I have a history of GERD and the surgeon said that a sleeve would likely cause the GERD to reappear.

I have lost 41 pounds since my surgery. Also I am now at the same lowest weight that I achieved after my band. And it's too soon to tell what my weight will bottom out at, but even if I don't lose another pound I think the bypass was a success!

Good luck with whatever you decide!

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