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To revise or not to revise...that is my question

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So, 13 years ago, I weighed 350 pounds. I made a commitment to change, and lost 100 pounds through dieting. After that, in Sept. 2013, I had a sleeve procedure and hernia fix (without complications) and went from 250 down to 155 (my lowest) in 2016. That's when the problems began. I have been suffering with terrible on and off gastritis, constant GERD and reflux, stomach ulcers, and my hiatal hernia needs repair again. I have had two recent endoscopies,including one with a Bravo probe, and the surgeon claims the only way to permanently fix the problem to to revise from a sleeve to RNY.

The problem is, I do NOT want full on bypass. I am terrified. I like my life as it is, and I can't imagine going through the surgical recovery process again. I am remarried now, and have a ten year old daughter, and I can't imagine what our family meals/vacations/birthday parties are going to look like post-RNY. I am at the point with my sleeve that I have reincoporated most foods, and eat relatively normally.

All of this decision making stress has made me go off the rails with my eating plan, and I have regained almost all the weight I lost (back up to 230 pounds), partially because I have been eating everything in sight, preparing for the moment after which I will "never be able to eat normally" again. I approach every meal with a "last supper" mentality. I enjoy food and beer and traveling, and I don't want to constantly be the odd man out at functions.

I am tempted to have the revision for purely vanity reasons - a quick weight loss fix for what I've regained. Nothing I am currently suffering is imminently dangerous, nor is it constant - I have excruciating flare ups. My surgeon will not fix my hernia without doing the whole conversion, because he claims it's "useless" to fix one without doing the other.

So, here's what I ask everyone...to anyone who's had the revision...is it worth it? I'm tempted to just keep taking my double dose nexium and drinking my Gaviscon, and enjoying my life as normal. I have a husband who loves and accepts me, and I don't want to do this and risk my life for a surgery simply for appearance's sake. If I can live with my current pain, can't I ride this out with my little sleeve which worked so well until depression made me abuse it? Do I just get back on track, or go under the knife? I have never been so torn. Please help!!!

Thank you for listening :)

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Honestly I see no difference between my life post VSG and post RNY conversion. Everything is exactly the same for me.

Your mileage may vary...

Good Luck 💚

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I haven't had a revision (I got RNY the first (and only) time around because I had GERD), but I've been hanging out on this and other bariatric forums for several years, and most everyone who's had a revision is very glad they did.

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Honestly? If I were in your present mind-set? I would ask myself very honestly and carefully, if I get this surgery, what will change? Because the "supposed" truth from the docs is that revisions do not have "quick weight loss" and if you ate your way back up to your pre-surg weight, what will stop you doing it again when life gets sucky? Also by your admission you don't want to make the lifestyle changes that lifelong weight management takes--even after WLS. Plus drinking your cals along with eating poorly, I just don't think magic bean surgery has been invented yet. :( I would start preparing by starting counseling with a bariatric specialist. :(

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8 hours ago, Carat711 said:

I'm tempted to just keep taking my double dose nexium and drinking my Gaviscon, and enjoying my life as normal.

Sounds like you are NOT enjoying life as normal if you are in constant pain from your GERD. Has your doctor explained that constant GERD can make changes in your lower esophagus that can eventually turn to cancer? And you may be able to put off GERD with your "double dose nexium", but studies are suggesting that long term PPI use is being implicated in problems such as osteoporosis, kidney disease and Vitamin deficiencies. And your GERD is not likely to improve without some sort of surgical intervention.

And once you get through the post op diet, you should be able to eat the same food you feed your family, just a smaller portion.

I hope I don't come across as being harsh, but your health will be affected by your GERD, and I know the thought of a revision seems daunting, but in the long run you might be much happier if you address it soon.

Whatever you decide, good luck! Keep us posted.

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Surgery alone does not equal weight loss. You have to be mentally spiritually ready for this surgery!!!

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      I am almost 8 weeks post op and I am down to 157 from 202. I have been struggling with nausea but not vomiting. Anyone else having this happen?
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      1. Bastian

        After having horrendous nausea I did some reading and it seems quite common. Especially if you have ruled out eating too fast/too big a mouthful. Also drinking too soon will make you feel sick. I now take 2 antiemetics to help with my nausea, hopefully yours is just that you need to slow down eating etc

      2. BayougirlMrsS

        agree with the above. start a log of what and when you eat/drink

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        What state are you in????

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      I still want to lose about 16 lbs more though in order to get safely into the middle range to insure against that little regain that happens. The I have maintenence in front of me as well.
      BUT I have hit my first goal. Yeah me!!!
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        Fantastic! That's such a great goal to reach and one I hope to get to this year as well.

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      I had my gastric sleeve done September 10, 2020... I started out 330# before surgery.... I'm down to 260# now... I've been stalled out for over two months now.... I exercise when I can (Bad back/knees)... I follow my diet , get my protein and drink my water... But still not losing any weight... I've done everything I can think of to break the stall.... Even went back to liquid diet....  Sometimes I think this was a mistake having the surgery...
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      1. Boss lady84

        sorry to hear that don't feel down. Maybe a reset meaning something new. I am in the process of having the surgery a second time. I had Lapland in 2012 removed in 2018 and I have gained everything back and some. When I stalled on lapband I had to do something new for me I joined a free boot camp and Zumba and then boom dropped 38 pounds in 2 months. I know you said bad back and knees so find something with your limits. But I think try something new I stalled for 8 months

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