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Intussuception anyone?

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I have had multiple complications since my RYGB on 7/18/16. I have had emergency kidney stone surgery, multiple hospitalizations for what was finally determined to be a marginal ulcer, and dysautonomia which is uncontrolled low blood pressure (60/40 or less). In addition I still have to vomit 2-3 times a month or more after a meal when I hurt for 2 hours & know whatever I ate won't go down. I am not complaining, but also I rarely (once every 3 months or so) have upper abdominal pain that is so intense that I can't breathe, let alone drive, walk, speak. It puts me down for 5-10 minutes and scares the hell out of my family, my patients, and my staff. The intense pain usually subsides after a few minutes of lying on my right side. The chief of the Bariatric Surgery dep't here thinks I'm having temporary small bowel intussusception. I know I don't have an internal hernia as my RYGB surgeon was very careful about that. Usually intussusception advances to bowel death requiring surgery, but mine resolves after a few minutes in the right position. Has anyone else experienced this?

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BTW my RYGB was on 7/18/16.

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      I hope your surgery went well and your recovery is going smoothly!  If you need anything while you're up here in northern VA, let me know, I'm only a hop, skip, and a jump away!  

      Let us know how you are doing when you're feeling up to it!
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