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Eating as a empty nester

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I became an empty nester in July when my twenty year old son with Autism moved in with caregivers. Natural growth for him and a chance to catch a breath for me.

I have been having a hard time cook Gand eating for one. Plus I increased my hours at work . At first I was eating a lot of tv. Dinners, Cereal or ice cream.
I’ve finally started cooking big meals on the week and then freezing it for the week and this seems to work better.
Are there other empty nesters and what and how do you eat.?

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My nest is empty and just cooking for myself has become interesting, so I can only imagine postop.

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Not an empty nester, but I live alone.

i cook a lot on weekends and freeze. One thing that has helped is getting a vaccuum sealer. I cook batches of food, freeze them in individual quantities in normal tupperware, then once it is frozen, I transfer the frozen block of food to a vac sealed bag. Lasts forever. I also tend to make 2-3 things at once, then I have about a month of food.

Some stuff I make (I'm a pescatarian, so you could always add meat):

  • Chili
  • ricotta bake (I use eggface's recipe and add sauteed spinach)
  • sauces (curries, Tomato sauces, etc) - freeze in ice cube trays and pull out a cube or two to put over tofu, fish, shrimp, etc. I really like the sauce for the fire roasted tilapia from bariatric foodie - I just make the sauce and add to individual fish when I make it
  • Beans ( I don't like canned beans, so I made from dry and freeze)
  • Lentils/dals, etc

Some other easy stuff

  • eggs - I scramble an egg, add salsa and cheese, and eat with a single serve of guac; or make fancy baked eggs. I also like Shakshuka eggs - I make a big batch of the sauce, then freeze and can make a single egg in a small pan.
  • yogurt with frozen fruit (yep - for dinner)
  • Shrimp - easy to thaw just a few and really quick to cook
  • Frozen fish from costco - they're individually packaged, so easy to take out 1 filet.

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