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Losing Too Much Weight

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And it's annoying because part of me knows I am a healthy size, but then I gain a pound or two and FREAK OUT that I am "fat again". And then I'm like "fast track to a size 24 again!", even though I am a size 6.

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9 hours ago, mousecat88 said:

I kinda feel like a crazy person now. I got to 130 and I'm back to 133 but now I am sad I am not at 130. Hurray for completely unresolved body dysmorphia!

At first reading your initial posts I thought I don’t think I will ever get to the point of losing too much weight. But body dysmorphia that I understood. I worry I will never be able to just eat normally and not worry over every ounce, just a lb up and I see that obese person coming back.

and it’s not as if it didn’t happen before. The first time my weight got out of control it didn’t seem to matter what I did and doctors didn’t care even when they diagnosed me with several medical conditions including metabolic disorders. At some point I did give up and just ate whatever I was already well over 180lbs. My weight went well over 215lbs. When I knew I had to fight my sugar and carb addiction and try to prevent diabetes. I have no sense of time or when but I’d guess 2008-2009 when I went on strict low carb and low calories. I went from 215lb to around 124lbs. But just adding vegetables because I was feeling more ill (chronic illness) my weight settled in at 134 lbs. but surgery in 2010 and some high stress problems afterwards and eating badly because of that, but still trying to keep healthy, I gained 30lbs by 2012. And started fighting it again. It only went to 134 lbs. but not that long ago (I can’t say when I don’t remember) it jumped to 160, then to 180 and by the time I had surgery 208 and BMI 40.

I only cheated once with cake in all those years. It was some damn good cake. But even as I gained was eating low carb, low sugar, low calories (around 800) my worst cheat was sweet kale salad.

but will I ever see myself as thin? No probably never. I never thought about body dysmorphia. Learning about it I’m sure I’ve had it since I was a kid. At least pre-teens. And I know my weight loss journey is just for me, not as much for looks as my body can’t handle the burden of all that weight. I can hardly carry myself most days through basic tasks.

I had a friend once say I had an eating disorder. In 2010 someone I thought was my best friend said she was going to fatten me up. I got a glimpse of the fact she must truly have hated me.

im sorry my simple I understand turned into a long rant.

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Hey it's Okay,many of us have been or still are where you're at. Took pictures to prove to me that I'm not Ugly Fat anymore. Weight looks good on some PEOPLE but only a few and I had gotten to the point of SelfLoathing, it didn't Look Good on ME- but I'm still dysmophic enough to think "Chubby Tubby" until something proves the error of it!

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I'm late to the party here but approaching the low end of healthy BMI post bypass.

My saviour is grain and seed salads. Some stores call them "ancient grains" salads - peputas, quinoa, buck eyes, lentils, almonds and such. They often have a sweet vinegarette dressing and mixed with parsley or corainder. Seeds and nuts are crazy calorie dense.

A 3/4 cup salad hits 400-500 calories no sweat. I'm mindful some people don't tolerate grains well due to texture and pouch but they tend to be soft and if you eat mindfully it should be no issue.

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