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Struggling with Protein Intake HELP PLEASE!!!

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There are a lot of days where nothing is appetizing, or I'll take a few bites of something and it'll make me feel nauseous. Since I still don't get hungry (less than 3 months out, so my hunger hasn't come back really), it can be really hard to make myself eat. Because of this, I struggle with my Protein intake A LOT.

shakes make the back of my throat burn (I've tried most of the premade brands that are approved by my program, as well as made my own with different powders). I can't get enough of a bar down for it to be effective. The protein waters feel chalky in my mouth and feel so gross (a lot of food is about texture for me). I've got the Liquicel protein nectar, and it helps, but it's SO disgusting.

I'm basically living off cheese, eggs, and deli meat, with a bit of chicken sometimes.

How can I get more protein into my diet? PLEASE HELP. I see some of you getting 100g a day. I only need to get 60.

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How does cottage cheese work for you? That was my go-to for quite a while.

Soups are good, too. Lentil Soup is especially high in Protein and if you get some unflavored PEA Protein Powder, you can mix it into the soup and it is actually quite savory.

Yogurt is also a go-to. I put a scoop of natural flavored vanilla protein powder into it.

smoothies with milk, some yogurt and vanilla protein powder are also good.

Refried Beans, thinned with Bone Broth. (I think the turkey/chicken/beef broth is the best, or just the turkey/chicken, or make your own). Bone broth is high in protein, and the beans are smooth and also have protein.

These are all "slider" foods that go down easily and for me, very well tolerated, and helped get the protein in.

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Fairlife fat free milk has 13 grams of Protein per cup. It is lactose free too

I love it.

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Have you tried Protein Water. I think they sell it at target and Walmart. It’s pretty sweet so you may need to mix in some water or try it over ice so it’s really cold.

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