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Lotions, Oils, etc. to do ANYTHING we can to lessen impact of rapid weight loss

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OK, I have a fairly decided variety of face care products I've used for past couple of years (due to being over the age of 40) that I like and that I KNOW make a big difference in how my skin looks, feels, etc. I spent a LOT..and I mean a LOT of money trying everything from drugstore creams to higher end skin care lines (Sunday Riley, Dr. Brandt, skin care sold in higher end dept stores), etc. and have honed it down to my 'A' list items (my 'must haves')

I really do not want to nor can I really afford to...spend yrs trying to find what other lotions, tapes (silicone), etc. will be even POTENTIALLY helpful to minimize what comes from rapid weight loss. I REALIZE for the largest 'skin' impacts of rapid weight loss...that if things like an 'apron stomach' that sags and causing yeast infections, etc. - this is a whole different CATEGORY of 'issues'.

I'm looking more for things that can reduce to some extent..things like:

  • Lessening the color of stretchmarks (I have some mederma products that I use on a large scar on one arm where I had an area of malignant melanoma removed)
  • Lessening the additional creases/fine lines that appears everywhere (leaning towards Bio Oil?)
  • Doing anything that can be done to improve elasticity of skin short of professional treatments (also willing to consider professional intervention) -1 of my daughters is slowly working on losing weight and since she's in 20's - I'm hoping since she still has PLENTY of estrogen flowing, her skin will bounce back better than mine but she has asked about what lotions, etc. she should try. Someone had suggested coconut oil to her??

I realize at end of day these types of things are limited in what they can do, but we don't want to leave any stone unturned. For myself, since am older than 45, I know some of the things I will need help with, I will possibly be turning to plastics. My upper arms were always saggy even at 16 & I weighed 135. Had been on the swim team for years. We also lifted weights so I KNEW as I got older, that this was a hereditary issue (which of course I compounded).

Any experience - positive or negative that you are will to share is GREATLY appreciated!

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I used a topical Rx retinoid for my face, plenty of Protein, healthy fats and hydration in my duet, olive/coconut oil in my body for softer luminous skin (doesnt help with sagging sorry), losing slower than most and mild weight training to preserve/improve muscle tone. As always ... YMMV

Good Luck 💜

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Thanks GreenTealael!

You brought up critical points I didn't even think to mention - we (my daughter and I) are big Water fans..and I know I need to keep my Protein up. Thank you for the reminders that if these common health 'FOUNDATIONS' are overlooked, then you already have put yourself at an even greater disadvantage.

I'm very pro avocado/healthy fats. In fact, I think I am missing fat out of my diet so I've been dicing up avocados each day but have been wondering about putting some type of the healthy oils I have in my pantry over my chicken, etc.

I am a 'slow' weight loser and always have been except for one brief 2 year period in my 20's.

I think it is..Sophia Loren? maybe...who attributes her skin, etc. to olive oil? I have often wondered if I can just take the 'food grade' olive oil I have and put on my skin or does it need to be formulated for skin?

I've thought of doing side by side comparisons on some of my stretch marks using mederma scar stuff on one side and another product on the other side. My dermatologist was supposed to give me a sample of something he said was better than Mederma the last time I went in for my 90 day check up. I wonder if he meant the silicone tape (tape? is that right?) that I saw mentioned on the board the other day.

Guess I need to do a quick search.

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I am still waiting to have surgery but something that has helped me is "miracle oil" by Earthly body.

It's been life changing I do not have any wrinkles and skin is supple and I'm 48 years old.

Click here

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A lot of people rave about bio oil. It’s not too $$ and I figure it can’t hurt.

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