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Just wondering, I am at almost a year post surgery and I have been at a stall for months now. Has anyone not exercised much and still lost weight?

Looking for menu ideas for day to day. I know I need to cut down on my carbs especially bread :-( I still cant eat much at one sitting and I do eat 4-5 times a day from yogurt to Protein Bars to Protein filled meals.

Do you eat red meat or did you make the switch to turkey and chicken only? I want to break this stall. I cant do Protein Drinks mainly because I got burnt out on them from pre surgery and post surgery. The banana one is the only one I can get down these days.

I cant do the gym, I am looking into streaming the videos from beachbody.com.

Just getting frustrated.

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I would say that I'm in the same boat by I'm not doing anything about it. I figure that my body is working things out and that eventually I'll lose weight again.

Many things have not returned to "normal" for me: sense of smell/taste; appetite; amount that I'm able to eat (very little still); not sure about my continued Hair loss.

The thing that I find most distressing is the change in my bowels. I have very little holding power (going #2) and have had my share of accidents, both in my pants or right on the kitchen floor. It's humiliating. What am I to do when all of the bathrooms are occupied and I "have to go"? I now keep several pots and pans at the ready, but it makes me wince thinking about pooping in a pan because I can't hold it. I've also had accidents when I've been out and about. I'm not aware of it at first, then I notice an unpleasant wetness and I realize that I also smell bad. More than once, I've gone straight from the car into the shower. I also keep a large towel in the car to protect my seats. If this keeps up, I might consider diapers when I go out. Sheesh.

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My taste buds have changed that's for sure. I was never a big fan of yogurt and now I love it and could eat it several times a day. I have experienced "dumping" and it is not fun.

I know I need to cut out bread. two girls I know who gastric sleeve cant eat bread but not this girl. It doesn't seem to bother my new stomach :-(

I cant eat too much sugar, it will make me nauseous which before I was a huge sugar addict.

I just need to get off my lazy butt. I want at least another 10-15 off before the big 50 birthday in October.

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Hi, Asked my girlfriend about the stall she went threw that and she told me to go back to the beginning with just liquids for a week and she said her body went back loseing again how much did lose before your body was stalling.Get back with me on this/

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    • Vicki Lindsey

      Ok I had surgery on Jan 27 2020 so I am 3 weeks out and have lost 32 lbs  I wish I had this done sooner. Now just trying to figure out different things to eat so I am not eating the same thing over and over. I did order some stuff today from the Bariatric Store and that stuff should be here in time for my next phase. I have a goal of 50 lbs by the first of June hope that is attainable. Good luck to every one on this journey 
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      1. MAUREEN2U

        That wonderful. That's a lot of weight for such a short time.Hooray.

    • GinaFigz

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    • Arabesque

      So went to my surgeon today for one month follow-up. Last time I was there he wanted me to put on 4kgs but oops I’ve lost another 2kgs. Told him it was intended, was trying to maintain, upped my food intake, was stable for almost 3 weeks but last weekend broke it.
      Mum turned 80. Drinks at neighbours, a couple of crackers & dip, home late, no dinner. Out all morning, followed by celebratory family lunch, home late, no dinner. Whole dietary routine out the window. Did have a protein bar & tuna frittata muffin in between but didn’t eat much at all those two days.
      What dumbfounded me was he was ok with it. I told him I didn’t want to put on his 4kg because of the weight gain many experience in the 12+months in maintenance. He agreed with me. What the??? Invasion of the body snatchers??? Totally opposite position from last month. 
      He was also ok with my stopping my multivitamins. Agreed with my thinking that is better to feel ok & eat then be nauseated & not eat. He’ll just monitor my bloods to ensure no problems which is what they do anyway.
      Not complaining. 
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    • 50Startingover

      How do you fill out the last profile part, the part that says your weight, height.. etc
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      1. My1smthop

        I'm trying to figure this out as well.

      2. Too many dogs

        Go to profile look for patient in drop down -


      3. Too many dogs

        Under patients my surgery is it

    • MsMocie

      Just came from my GPs office. He would want me upping to 1500kcals a day. Have no idea on how I'm gonna do this - a year ago it would been an issue to come _down_ to 1500 kcals 😂
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