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Here is a list of Pureed Food Ideas

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I scoured the forum for tips from people and came up with a revised list of things to try. I'll be adding to this and updating as time goes on but this is a lot to go on and gives me hope as I start my pureed diet phase this weekend. Enjoy !

1. Eggface Ricotta Bake (google it)

2. Green bean casserole (bariatric style) with canned chicken

3. Tuna casserole (bariatric style) with green Beans instead of peas

4. Mexican beef with cheese or beans with cheese (too carby for me--made me hungry too soon after eating)

5. Broccoli, spinach or cauliflower pureed with light cream cheese, lemon juice, s/p/g (steam the crap out of it first)

6. Smashed cauliflower with bacon and green onions (put in a food processor)

7. Any Soup or chili made bariatric style

8. Fish in foil pouches with lemon and spices/herbs.

9. zucchini sauteed with onion, tomatoes and herbs and pureed--can add any kind of lean meat.< /span>

10. yogurt/cottage cheese blends with berries.

11. Pureed black Beans with a bit of cheese

12. Yellow Split Pea Soup puree

13. Buffalo chicken Dip puree

14. Broccoli cheese Soup puree

15. Pureed Chicken salad

16. 4 Cheese mashed cauliflower

17. Hummus - Roasted Red Pepper by Sabra

18. Eggface Cottage Cheese Bake (sub out cottage cheese for ricotta + parmesan + ps mozza shreds + low carb marinara)

19. Cottage cheese flavored with taco seasoning

20. Progresso chicken enchilada soup with mashed cauliflower & ground chicken pureed

21. Scrambled egg with a little milk and topped with a teaspoon of salsa

22. Pureed Italian sausage with a little green and red pepper with Spagetti sauce

23. Applesause (unsweetened) with a sprinkle of cinnamon

24. Pureed Lentil soup with shredded cheese

25. Shiitake mushroom pizza with ground chicken and pizza sauce and cheese on top - all put in blender. Sounds weird but really good


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Thank You! I’m just starting full liquids this week and have been scared of the next step. This gives me hope.

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      RE: the running/training
      Honestly it started with me just doing laps around the kitchen that first post-op week.
      In a week, I graduated to walking up and down my street, then to walking around the block every day.
      The distance increased, then the speed.
      Then I started running little spurts during my walks, then to alternating 1km runs with 1km walks.
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        Happy Sunday! I like weird people. Normal people are boring! :) I began following you and wanted to know if there are any other members you would recommend? My surgery is 8/29/19 and I want to learn as much as possible. Have a great day and thanks so much for the website.

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        I love it! Thanks!

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